Dirty Laundry

To misquote the Beastie Boys, living at halls is such a drag.

Don’t get me wrong, my flatmates are lovely, the building is convenient for lectures and my room is a damn sight better than what I had in my first time as a fresher, but there are a few annoyances. These include the fact the kitchen is a little cramped considering six people have to use it and that it’s constantly warm. Seriously, I know it’s been a mild early autumn and I’m carrying a bit of extra weight but it’s boiling here. I have no idea how, there’s no heating on but yet it seems to be warm all the damn time.

But these are minor quibbles, what’s really annoying is the laundry room which I used today and which effectively robbed me of some cash.

Here’s the deal with laundry rooms, or every single one I’ve used before- you pay for time with dryers, yeah? I needed 10 minutes tops of drying left and instead of letting me just pop in 20p or whatever it wanted me to pay for a full £1.20 cycle or however much it is. F**k off!

Also it doesn’t give change, so I didn’t get my money back. Thanks a lot you laundry dicks.

Oh, and to continue the trend of it being a mechanical con artist, when I accidentally hit a button for the dryer when I was setting up the washing machine I couldn’t cancel it so I’d paid for 70 minutes of dryer time and no washer. Brilliantly while I used another washing machine to do my laundry the 70 minutes actually started counting down so I only got to use about 24 minutes of what I’d paid for. By the way, I should point out that the dryer wasn’t actually doing anything as the seconds ticked by, just sitting there with the door open. What the actual f**k? How the hell can you charge for a machine not doing a goddamn thing?

The company who make the machine are called Maypole or something, I might go check later that’s how pissed off I am.  It’s Maytag. Anyway, I just want to say on the off chance this is read by an employee of Maytag I want to know that you are a dick and work for a bunch of wankers who design terrible machines. Oh, and you owe me like £2.20. That’s enough for milk, bread and three packs of noodles at Lidl, instead of wasting half an hour to partly launder my clothes.

So, I may have clean clothes, but they’re only partially dry so my room now has clothes airing all over and I’m writing this from the sofa in the kitchen/social area, which is one of the most uncomfortable couches of all time.

Now is when I’d use the acronym FML. If I was a tool.

Rant over.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO (unless they work for Maytag in which case, f**k ’em!).


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