Back in school

Apologies to regular readers for the unprecedented gap between posts, but I had hoped to get online quicker and continue my unbeaten streak, but setting up the net in halls turned out to be a bit of a palaver, meaning I only got it sorted today.

So, how has university life been treating me second time around?

Well, so far, fairly well. My halls are fairly tidy, and a definite improvement on the tiny cell I was given as a fresher in Lampeter back in ’04, and being en suite is a definite bonus, even if the shower is a tight squeeze.

Another difference this time around in that my halls are mixed, meaning it’s a Friends formation in my flat- three guys and three girls. I’m hopeful that I will become the Chandler of the hall, but fear I may turn out to be the Ugly Naked Guy.


In related news, during our induction today one of the speakers, who was extremely funny and charming, said that many people meet their future spouse in the first week or so of university and told us many of us might be sat next to our future partner. This got quite a lot of nervous giggling, but I was rather hurt by the woman to my left who did a frankly piss-poor job of covering her look of horror.

Other than that, I’ve found myself fitting in rather well. I’ve got my bearings locally and worked out how to get around.

My flatmates seem nice enough, but I feel horrendously old surrounded by 18 year olds, and am concerned about how I’m coming across. I’ve given tips and comparisons with my earlier university experiences but I hope I’m not sounding like a know-it-all douche.

I was grateful for the Mature Student induction, as it reassured me that I wasn’t the oldest student knocking around and I felt a tad more relaxed with the rest of the fogies as we traded Wurthers’ Originals and talked about the war.

We didn’t. I actually wound up having a proper pub chat with a few of my fellow mature students, on a whole mix of subjects (tattoos, suicide, art, Queen, marriage equality, live gigs, religion etc.)  and even ventured out for a quick scout of Cardiff’s nightlife, which saw me arrive home at 4am. See, I’m not that old!

Although, to be fair I felt horrendous on Saturday morning.

The timetable looks a bit tough for a former Film Studies student- lectures every day? At 9am? We’re definitely not in Lampeter anymore, Toto.

But all things considered, I’m feeling positive. I’ve yet to meet anyone who I’ve instantly disliked and the course, while intense looks manageable and interesting. Give it time though, and I may wind up tapping out a post weeping and lamenting my decision to return to higher education, but I’ll enjoy all this positive energy while I can.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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