First Listen: Work B***h by Britney Spears

Britney Spears was my first proper pop star crush. Earlier I’d had a soft spot for Louise Redknapp, but I was too young to understand why I liked watching her perform her single “Naked”.

Louise- making me feel good in a way I didn't understand

Louise- making me feel good in a way I didn’t understand

But in 1998 I knew exactly why I enjoyed the video to “…Baby One More Time”, it didn’t hurt that it was a cracking pop song and the album of the same name became the first album I ever brought for myself (on cassette, gods, I’m old).

britney album


Over the years she continued to crank out pop songs I really dug (“Sometimes”, “Lucky”, “Stronger”, “I’m a Slave 4 U”, “Boys”, “Toxic”, “My Prerogative” and “Piece of Me”). I brought a copy of her greatest hits for a buddy as a jokey Christmas present and mocking him for being cheesy, yet at a New Year’s Eve party it was the CD we put on and all had a bit of drunken dance and singalong to, and the next day I downloaded it onto my iPod.

However, I found myself not liking her more recent stuff and her 2011 album Femme Fatale passed me by completely. Like Christina Aguilera and Pink I feel that Britney’s time has kind of passed and a new generation of female pop stars has taken their place- Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Katy Perry.

Anyway, I was still kinda keen to hear Britney’s latest single “Work Bitch”, so here are my thoughts on it:

britney work

  • Quite like the synthy-opening
  • Catchy, hypnotic riff reminds me of Azealia Banks’ “212”
  • Her voice sounds like it’s been tinkered with to ridiculous levels
  • No proper singing really, more talking over the beat, which is a shame
  • Good hook and can def imagine busting a move to it.
  • Love when her accent comes through a little “Go call the gover-nah!”
  • I can totally see “Work, bitch!” becoming a sensation and catchphrase
  • Seems that she’s following in the style of her collaboration with William on “Scream and Shout”, with a more dance than pop vibe to it.
  • Not overly impressed, like I said it might be alright in the club but it doesn’t stand up against her other stuff and it’s rather bland.

Have a listen for yourself:

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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