Oh, come on, ladies, get a grip!

I’m sure that there are lots of One Direction fans, or “Directioners”, who are perfectly nice young ladies, the problem is these voices of sanity, rationality and sense are lost in a tumult of complete and utter dicks. Following threats to random women the boys find attractive, this week they kicked off again on Twitter, not so much tweeting as screeching like demented harpies.

This weekend there was a charity match taking place up in Scotland between a Celtic XI and a team led by Stiliyan Petrov, one of the 1D boys, Louis (the one with brown hair who’s not Harry), was taking part in the Celtic team.

Louis got passed the ball and before he could clear it was tackled by Aston Villa and England player Gabriel Agbonlahor. Louis went down and shortly after limped off.

Now, when someone goes down and looks hurt, you’re always a bit concerned, especially in a friendly match. But, it was just a bit of a knock and I doubt there’s going to be any lasting damage for the pop star.

louis down

And the main thing is, the challenge was quite clean, there was no malice in it and it was a 50-50 ball, it’s not like Agbonlahor hacked him down with a studs up lunge or anything.

louis challenger

Agbonlahor went over and checked he was alright, and a bit of physicality is par for the course in football.

Clearly the section of overlap on the Venn diagram of One Direction fans and football fans is quite a small one, as this seemed lost on several Directioners who took to the web to send vile threats to Agbonlahor, these included:

this guy hurt Louis knee. I shall hurt your face. I better hear that you apologized or I will find you, and I will kill you

I like the Taken vibe at the end there, although a witless teenage girl isn’t as intimidating as Liam Neeson.

i will chop your balls off



All caps, the song of the angry douche.

My whole timeline is full of pictures of Louis getting hurt. I’m going to kill that guy!!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU HURT LOUIS?!

Excessive exclamation marks are also a douche staple.

@Louis_Tomlinson Are you ok?? If he hurt you I promise that I’ll kill him!!! No one can hurt my baby!!! Grrrr!!

“my baby”, seriously?

Get a grip, ladies! He got dinged on the leg, it’s not like he walked off the pitch like Terry Butcher or something.

That's a sporting injury!
Now, that’s what you call a sporting injury.

Here’s the thing, even if Louis was crocked, and had broken a leg or something, is there any need to send death threats to some bloke who I’m guessing most of them weren’t familiar with a day earlier?

I doubt Agbonlahor was intimidated by the tweets of a gang of idiotic teenage girls, and has probably heard similarly horrible things from opposing fans, but still, it’s a horrible insight into the ridiculous overreaction obsessions can provoke. Take a breath next time, ladies, and think about what you’re actually doing- sending abuse and aggression because someone you’ve never met got hurt while playing a contact sport.

I can’t help but think Louis’ first response after the game would have been to thank his fans for their support and well wishes, but to openly criticize this particular bunch of knobheads.


Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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