Maddie Magellan

When I was in my early teens one of the shows I loved on TV was Jonathan Creek, which featured Alan Davies in the title role of a magic trick creating genius who turned his superior intellect to solving crimes with the aid of his sarky writer sidekick Maddie (Caroline Quentin). The show is still going at the moment, although Quentin left years ago and has been replaced with Julia Sawalha and Sheridan Smith. While they’ve continued to be quite good fun, the show really lost something with the loss of the Maddie character.

Jonathan and Maddy

Jonathan and Maddy

They’ve recently started repeating the old episodes on the Drama channel, and they really hold up, well, fashion aside (there was a pretty impressive she-mullet in tonight’s episode). The key to it is the relationship between the central duo, with Davies being rather endearing in the role of the clever, geeky Creek who’s awkward at times and he clashes with the sarcastic, cynical Maddie. And the series had a really funny, quirky feel to it and never took itself too seriously, hamming it up with the deaths and overly elaborate set ups.


What I really love about the Maddie character most of all is that she was totally the boss of the duo, Creek may have had the skills to solve the bizarre crimes but Maddie usually found the cases for them and was feisty, quick witted and funny, often coming out on top in her arguments with Jonathan.

The other thing cool thing was that while she was a curvier woman, Maddie had massive self-confidence and was rather sexy. Now, I like curvier women anyway, but I really dig that they made her a charming, attractive character who I can never remember being ridiculed for her weight and had a string of guys interested in her and a massive will-they-won’t-they angle with Jonathan. I think they did hook up in the end, and I’m sure like most things it killed the show.

It was nice to have a major character who was a curvier woman, and the show should be applauded for that, and the way it portrayed and treated her.

I don’t think I would’ve said anything at the time, because as a teen I was less inclined to voice opinions which were against the norm, but I had a thing for Caroline Quentin back then, and sarky, curvy and confident is still a type I really like.

A more recent picture of Caroline Quentin

A more recent picture of Caroline Quentin

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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