Three people in this marriage

Love triangles aren’t fun, although it must be a bit of a buzz to know two people are into you.

Proof that triangles aren't fun- sit through these movies
Proof that triangles aren’t fun- sit through these movies

The problem is worse if one party has feelings for both the other two and can’t decide which to pick with. Basically any way it pans out someone’s getting hurt, that’s a fact of life.

Or is it?

In Kenya apparently they’ve solved a feud between two dudes who love the same woman. Both men had been in a relationship with the lady for around four years before they discovered the other. Understandably, this did not go down well.

The duo threw down and the local cops got involved. One of the officers asked the lady to pick one but she apparently stated “I cannot lose either of them, I love them both“.

Quite a dilemma, they couldn’t let the two guys go at it everytime they’re paths crossed and so a new plan was established- they would both marry the woman and share her. Polygamy is legal in Kenya, so there was no obstacle and the guys will follow a rota regarding who gets to stay in the house and both have to raise any kids who are born and agree to no more fights.

Now, some cats won’t like this and apparently some religious Kenyans have complained that it’s not right, but personally I don’t see the big deal. I mean, it’s not the norm but if they both love this woman and she loves them both, and if they’re okay with it then live and let live I say. It’s better to give them a chance of all being happy than forcing her to pick one or finish it with both meaning that none of them are happy. This is the best chance of all three walking away happy.

Also, if she had picked one the feud might have escalated, at least now they’ve agreed to stop fighting.

Sure, it might not pan out for these three, but that’s the chance you take with any marriage, isn’t it? Personally I hope that they make it work and that the agreement allows all three of them to be happy.

Read it here.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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