These pictures are not news

Two stories at the moment, both stretching what can be called “news”.

First of all- “Grandparent takes picture of grandchild”.

The first picture of the future king, George emerged and there’s been tons of discussion about the fact the first official picture is taken by his maternal grandfather. Sure, this is a break from tradition and some have seen it as representing a more relaxed monarchy, but to be fair, it’s a rather dull pic. It’s not as if they took one of him dressed in a costume or photo-shopped with one foot on a globe with the caption “The British Empire Mk II”.

The Royal family

The Royal family

Frankly, you don’t need to spend so much time talking about a picture of a family. Here’s a better baby picture:

drunk baby meme

And then there are these photos:


The lady in those pictures is Michaella McCollum Connolly, one of two young ladies charged in Peru with drug smuggling. Now, I’ve seen enough Banged Up Abroad to know that you don’t want to do time in South America. We regularly get these stories in the UK press, and they are quite involving because you can do a “what would I do?” thing in your head.

Whether the ladies were forced to smuggle the drugs or are guilty remains to be seen. But the fact is does a picture of one of the suspect in a sexy carnival costume have any bearing on anything? I mean, are we supposed to see this and think that surely she must be innocent? Or does her scantily clad party air imply she’s a wrong  un’. Probably neither. What it implies is that the press decided they could shoehorn in a picture of a sexy lady and have some vague justification for it. Which is just lame and utterly classless

Completely pointless stories, the pair of them.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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