Brace yourself- it’s rant time.

I have a Facebook friend who has recently had their first child, and pretty much instantly turned into one of those insufferable baby bores. Frequent photos of the little sprog appeared along with statuses about how he’s been sleeping, eating or basically living at the most basic level.


I’ve complained about this sort of stuff before, but what made this particular “friend” cross the line is that she has twice whinged about something that grinds my gears- Mother and baby car spaces at supermarkets.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I think in principle it’s a fairly nice idea and I don’t begrudge mothers from having this space which makes it easier for them to do their shopping.

What bugs me is the constant whinging from mothers (and possibly fathers, but I haven’t witnessed this myself) about how few there are. Here’s the thing, folks, go back about 10 years and we didn’t have mother and child spaces. And you know what? Everyone got along just fine.

If you have a small child/baby you can carry them across to the pavement. If they’re a bit too heavy for that, grab a trolley and stick them in it or walk with them hand in hand. When I was a nipper my Mum would take me and my sisters shopping. That’s four kids. She’d carry the youngest and the other three of us would walk hand-in-hand across the car park following what we’d been taught- stop, look, listen.

I initially thought this was a little harsh, but then I remembered the electric safety vid they showed us in school. Back in the day this would have shown a tombstone.

I initially thought this was a little harsh, but then I remembered the electric safety vid they showed us in school. Back in the day this would probably have shown a tombstone.

Crossing a car park is a pain, but it is for everyone, as long as you’re careful, vigilant and educate your kids about safety, you should hopefully be alright.

My major problem with it is that it’s just another example of this trend of people with kids thinking that the world needs to revolve about them and their spawn. I don’t mind making allowances or helping out parents with their kids, but I don’t see why everything should get shifted about to cater for them, especially when, and I’m generalizing horribly here, they’re ungrateful buggers who seem to think they’re owed preferential treatment because their reproductive organs work.

I am rather pleased to have read that apparently if you have a disabled blue badge in your car you can park in these spots, which I feel is fair enough as those people are clearly in greater need of the spot (not just because of proximity to the shop but because the spaces tend to be wider, which is much easier for getting wheelchairs in and out).

Priority parking is fair enough, but the fact is there are never going to be enough spaces for everyone. If your supermarket has 7 mother and baby spaces there’ll be a time when there are 8+ people going shopping. And if you round it up to 10 there will come a time when there are 11 of them.

It’s the same basic rule as parking spaces- sometimes, you’re going to have to park far away. That’s life. Deal with it.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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