I like it hot, but not this hot

Today is St Swithun’s day.

St Swithun was a British saint and there’s an old superstition which states that if it rains on this day Britain is in for 40 days of bad weather, but if it’s sunny it’ll be a great summer.

It’s complete bollocks of course, but rather like the US’ groundhog it’s a soft news piece during the silly season. I remember we got taught about it in primary school, I have no idea why.

My point is, that while it was nice today, I’m hoping this isn’t the first year it holds true because I’m moving towards stage 3 of the British reaction to the sunny weather.

Stage 1- The Sun has got his hat on, hip-hip-hip-hooray!

At first we just wander around surprised by the sunshine, saying “Isn’t it nice?” to random strangers and making speculative barbecue plans. If you’re a builder or a manual labourer of some sort, you’ll also work topless, unfortunately they don’t often resemble the fella from the Diet Coke adverts.

diet coke

People will randomly just take their food outside for lunch and the ice cream vans will actually sell ice creams in Swansea, not just drugs.

And everybody just seems in a great mood. Earlier this year we had a couple of nice days in May and I wound up down the beach in Swansea, it was brilliant. People smiled at me, some students had organized some weird frisbee sport and a trio of girls were taking pictures of each other flashing and gave me a thumbs up when they realized I’d been walking past and seen it all. It was a great day.

Stage 2- Summertime and the living is easy

If the hot weather continues we’ll expand on our glee and arrange barbecues, hang out in beer gardens and continue to have every possible meal as a picnic.

Also sunglasses and summer clothes are dug out around the country and you see lots of pale skin for the first few days.

This is my favourite stage, where everyone’s kinda chilling out, you drink all afternoon and laze about listening to the cricket on the radio or attending barbecues.

You also get to drink Pimms and lemonade, one of the best drinks ever

You also get to drink Pimms and lemonade, one of the best drinks ever

I think it’s the one time that our usually crap weather really pays off. If you live in a tropical paradise where the weather is nice all year round a warm, sunny day is just another day, but given that we only get a couple of weeks a year at best, we Brits really go all out for it. We grab it with both hands and just enjoy it as much as possible.

Stage 3- Blister in the Sun

The good feeling evaporates.

Maybe it’s because the heat knackers you out, you’re sweaty and a hangover in warm weather is no joke.

If you’re stuck in work you’ll be warm, tired and fed up, and get angry at those layabouts who are down the beach or in the pub’s garden.

Also you’ll probably have got some sunburn and that’s the worst.




Sooner or later you’ll start thinking to yourself “I miss the rain”.

And then when it rains we’ll just whinge about that, and start looking forward for the sun to come back.

Today’s random fact: The song I used for stage 1, which is something my Mum and Nan used to sing when we were little and it was sunny, and so always associated with happy memories for me, is actually an old song from the ’30s which originally included the N-word in a later verse. That’s another thing ruined then.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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