Don’t forget the lyrics: Further EDL Idiocy

Regular readers will know that I’m not a fan of the English Defence League. They’re essentially a pack of racist thugs who will callously jump on personal tragedies to try and win support for their hateful beliefs.

EDL- Scum.

EDL- Scum.

It would also seem that they are incapable of understanding the laws around using someone’s likeness or music in their promotional material. Last month, I discussed them putting words into the mouth of Stephen Hawking, and this week they scored a spectacular own goal on two fronts.

First off, they used a well known song by a successful band without permission. This is a no-no legally because they didn’t have the rights for the music, but what makes it an even bigger error on their part is what song they chose to use.

They opted for the Manic Street Preachers track “If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next”.

This is a mistake because while any sensible band wouldn’t want any association with the EDL, the Manics definitely won’t want it. They’re a pretty liberal bunch, so wouldn’t have any time for some right wing bigots, and apparently they’re already in the process of pursuing the matter legally.


But what makes it especially thick of the EDL is that the song is an anti-fascist track. Now, what probably happened is that they quite liked the hook and title, and thinking they could skew this to peddle whatever bone headed racist fears they have about Britain going to the dogs or immigration, but would it be so hard to do a quick Google search about the song first?

The track, which is taken from the band’s 1998 album This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours, is all about the members of the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War, when a bunch of idealistic left-wing Brits traveled to help the Spaniards fight against the fascists. And the title was actually from an anti-fascist poster. Hell, it includes the line “If I can shoot rabbits/then I can shoot fascists”.

So, the EDL actually used a song written about fighting people just like them.

It’s kind of laughable and yet another example of the EDL exposing themselves for the idiots they are. While it paints them as ignorant fools, sadly the EDL have plenty of idiots to keep going for a while and probably attract other morons to their cause.

One can only hope that enough people see them for the scum they are and that the Manics’ lawyers annihilate them in the courts.

Anyway, here’s the song in question:

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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