News Grab Bag: Old Friends, Old People and Old Stereotypes Confirmed

The fall and fall of Gavin Henson

When I was at uni Wales ended their Grand Slam drought and the boys in red became national heroes. One of the big heroes was Gavin Henson, who’s kicking had won us valuable points and he’d been impressive throughout.

Henson in happier times as a 2005 Grand Slam winner
Henson in happier times as a 2005 Grand Slam winner


The world, or at least Wales, appeared to be his oyster. He was a good looking sporting hero and shortly after he got together with Charlotte Church, becoming the Welsh equivalent of Posh & Becks.

But over the years Henson’s star has waned. Many came to regard him as arrogant and a bit of a tool, and he actually stopped playing rugby. He went on sabbatical and the wheels really started to come off for him, his relationship with Church ended and he appeared in a string of high profile TV shows which did nothing to improve his public persona- 71 Degrees North, Strictly Come Dancing and worst of all, The Bachelor.

Come on, Gav! You're better than this trash.
Come on, mankind, we’re better than this!


Despite being a two time Grand Slam winner, and a former Lions player, Henson’s reputation is in tatters and he appears to be his own worst enemy. He’s wasted time on side ventures and taken extended periods away from the game which has stopped him from capitalizing on the opportunities and potential he might have had back in 2005. Since 2010 he’s been with 5 different clubs, but only made 21 appearances.

Things appear to have got off to a rocky start at his current club Bath, with footage emerging of an altercation with a teammate, who proceeds to deck him. Here’s a gif someone made of it:

henson punch

Bath are investigating, but it doesn’t look good for Henson, who seems doomed to go down in rugby folklore as a bit of a tool who squandered his chance of being an international great.

Japan: No Country for Old Men

Sometimes you see a headline that just stops you in your tracks. The Huffington Post through me such a title earlier today when I saw this:

Adult Nappies Will Outsell Baby Nappies in Japan by 2020

Like several other countries around the world, Japan has an ageing population with almost a quarter of the population being over 65. As a result of this the adult nappies prediction has been made. But what really blew my mind is that apparently adult nappies are already on the rise in Godzilla’s stomping grounds and are a billion dollars a year industry.

This does little to change my impression of Japan as being a bit of a messed up country.

All this is adding into my “Hope I die before I get old” ethos, because it just sounds like a terrible way to go out of this world. I mean, it’s just not very dignified is it. Yeah, if it ever gets that bad for me I’m heading for Switzerland.

No picture for this story, because I’m quite frankly too scared to type “adult nappies” into a Google image search.

Story here.

A right tit of herself

Regular readers may remember that I discussed a story about a young lady, Josie Cunningham, who had a breast enhancement funded by the NHS and hoped to become a glamour model.

So today, as I scanned the magazines at my local shop I spotted a familiar, um, face on one of those godawful celebrity magazines where Kerry Katona or Jordan is bleating on about something in their life or there’s almost malicious glee in the fact some reality star has put on a little bit of weight. The headline that caught my eye was in the top corner featuring Miss Cunningham, described as a “shameless glamour model”-

I had my £4,800 boobs on the NHS, now I want them out…for free!

Now, clearly, this trashy magazine was trying to stir up some anger towards the lass, so I came home and Googled to find out more. It’s true that Josie does want a breast reduction, and is quoted as saying:

They’re making my working life difficult. They’re so big I find them embarrassing and I don’t feel I can do any modelling because they’ve attracted so much negative attention.

Hmm. Now, I don’t really see many glamour models in my day-to-day so I can’t say whether they have hindered her career move, but I’d have thought that she’d have got a few just because of her notoriety. And also, I don’t think this is going to lessen the negative attention, in fact, it appears to have just hauled her back into the firing line.

I was sympathetic with Josie when she got the op initially, as she described how insecure her formerly small chest had made her, and I think the op could have helped improve her well being and made her some cash, which would have gone back into the tax pot. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to have happened and she still has some problems with her body.

Rather than attacking her I think we should all be asking about the larger things at work here. Clearly this is a young lady who is riddled with insecurity and feelings of inadequacy, clearly unhappy with her appearance and striving for a perfect look she may never achieve. Instead of anger we should feel pity and offer some support. This is a girl who needs to work through her issues and not just go under the knife to fix whatever problems she feels she has.

And this isn’t an isolated case, Cunningham is just the tip of the iceberg of a growing problem of this kind of negative body image which we really need to address.

It’s just a rather sad story, especially given the obvious outpouring of anger and misguided hate sent her way (of all the bad things our taxes go on £4,800 on a pair of tits is small potatoes).

Story here.

Who’s surprised?

A recent survey to find the rudest cabbies in Europe has yielded unsurprising results. The winners were Rome and Paris, which must have shocked absolutely no one.

I’ve visited both cities and while I didn’t use taxis, I did have to negotiate them on foot and public transport, and the average drivers there are rude and bad tempered, so it probably crosses over to cabbies. Seriously, it might be a bit more sane than Marrakesh or Colombo, but compared to British drivers, the French and Italians are like someone playing Mario Kart while having a heated argument and shouting at girls on the pavement.

It should also be noted that the poll was done of British people returning from their holidays, so it might be a “lost in translation” thing or a biased survey, as we quite often find the French in particular to be rude, and quite a few of them don’t particularly like their neighbours across the Channel.

Interestingly, the best were found to be in Turkey and the Greek island of Rhodes, although it should be noted that these are touristy destinations, whereas the capital city drivers probably have a mix of locals and tourists to deal with. Also, the streets of Rome (filled with crazy Italian drivers) and Paris (chock-a-block with rude, impatient French drivers) are probably a tad more stressful than cruising around on a Grek island.

That being said, I probably would avoid a taxi in Paris and Rome.

Story here.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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