Big round of applause to the staff of St Leonards Academy for really staking a claim for “douches of the year 2013”.

Seriously, aside from Mrs Trunchbull, I can’t remember hearing about a teacher making such a dick move.

Here’s the story, three students at the school- Kiera Thomas, Gemma Wright and Macey Daden- came up with a novel idea to raise money for Cancer Research UK,  they got their heads shaved with a cancer ribbon design shaved in. Here’s a pic:


Now, the girls raised £800 for charity, so good on them. But what happened next will shatter your faith in mankind.

The school decided to remove the girls from their class because it was against their rules regarding dress and appearance. I mean, their headteacher, Jenny Jones, did say they “applauded” the girls for their charity work. Really? Seems to me like what you did, Jenny, was treat them like crap and pedantically enforce a petty rule.

Oh, and if the school applauds them why did their head of year apparently told them it was a “pathetic way” to raise money. Yeah, stay classy, St Leonard’s you’ve basically embarrassed and punished three kids for finding a harmless, fun way of raising money for charity.

First of all, I can’t see why they’d kick off and aside from expletives, why the hell should a school have a say over how it’s students wear their hair? When I was in school, we had to wear a uniform- shirt, shoes,tie, jumper, skirts for the girls- and there were tons of other little rules about jewelry and all sorts. The only thing that was ours to do as we liked was our hair. This is when I started growing my hair long, and my scruffy, tangled mess has stuck since. I liked having my hair long and scruffy, not just because I’m lazy and like old school rockers, but also because it was me. My hair was my choice and under my control, unless there was a family wedding coming up.

I get that schools want their students to look fairly tidy, but screw that, they should be allowing some individuality. A person’s hair is their own business, and forcing them to have certain cuts is bad enough, but going after girls who’ve shaved their hair for charity is a whole other level of dickery. So, shame on you St Leonards.

Anyway, if you want to donate to the girl’s campaign here’s a link to their JustGiving page.

Story here.

Soundtrack for this blog: “Hair” by Lady Gaga.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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