139 people need to get a life

A little over a week ago the televised singing competition The Voice UK. I’ve watched some of the show, but never got that into it. It’s probably better than the X Factor on balance, but it’s not really my cup of tea.

This is mainly because of the judges who are, Tom Jones aside, a bunch of posers. Seriously, watch them nod along to the music and they always do it far too much. And I wish I loved anything as much as William loves William.

Anyway, the favourite didn’t win the final but a few days later it emerged that the BBC had received 139 complaints about the show.

Why were they complaining? Was there a glitch with the phone voting? Did somebody drop an F-bomb (more on that later)? Did they play the new William or Jessie J song?

No the complaints were because Holly Willoughby showed some cleavage.


Okay, it was a fair amount of cleavage, but still.

Its not exactly scandalous or horrendously inappropriate. It’s not kids TV or a memorial service, it’s light entertainment and there’s a well established tradition of “something for the dads” on British TV.

Holly Willoughby is a very attractive lady and it’s a hot dress.

I get that there are some prudes about but I don’t think Holly is wearing the skimpiest or most revealing of dresses.

It also highlights something I don’t understand at all about modern life. All this complaining about stuff on TV.

I’m 28 years old and I’ve watched a lot of TV, and not once have I seen something that’s incensed me so much I’ve felt the need to find the Ofcom number and ring for a whinge. If something truly offends I usually just change the channel and go about my day.

It just strikes me as the preserve of someone who has far too much time on their hands.

The Willoughby case is bad enough but apparently Ofcom also received complaints after Nicole Scherzinger using the term “effing” on the rival show, X Factor, and unbelievably they upheld the 52 (52!) complaints they received saying that it was clearly replacing a swear word.


Well, no sugar, Sherlock!

But she didn’t actually swear did she? No.

But yet she still got done for it. It’s like penalizing someone for something that’s beeped.

The message seems to be that you may as well swear if you’re going to get fined for using a replacement word. It’s just stupid. The complainers were bad enough, but Ofcom’s ruling was just lunacy.

People just need to calm the hell down, take a breath and not be such a bunch of over sensitive saddos.

Story here.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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