Happy Place

I’ve been having a rough time recently at work, and the other day I found myself starting to feel like I was pretty close to losing my cool. I was stressed out and pissed off, and worried I was about to say something that I’d regret or might even get me in trouble.

I’m usually pretty good at dealing with the stress from work. I’m not sure how, but I’ve just learned to keep a lid on it. You can’t let it rattle you and you’ve just got to make sure that you wait until you get home to let off some steam.

But I needed a release the other day and there was no chance of me being able to take a break.

So I did that cheesy thing you hear about all the time- breathing and visualization, here’s what my happy place was-

Some Bob Marley on the stereo as I lie under a gazebo on a beach in Sri Lanka.


Lying back in the sun as two Asian girls fan me with palm leaves and I watch Wales win the rugby on a big screen TV. Sipping an ice cold Long Island Iced Tea while further down the beach Lorraine Pascale cooks steaks on a barbecue in a coconut bikini and grass skirt.

Mmmmm, Lorraine

Mmmmm, Lorraine

Little cliched, I know, but it worked.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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