The line is a dot to the EDL

Like any sensible person I have an extremely low opinion of the EDL, they’re right down near the bottom of my list of groups who are total scumbags. Their ignorant, racist thuggery is one of the more depressing aspects of British society at the moment.

They’ve been in the press recently because of their attempts to piggyback on the recent horrific attack on a British serviceman in London, which I wrote about a while back.

But as low as I regard them it’s nice to see that they can still surprise me and the level I held them in turned out to be a false bottom and there was a chasm of even greater douchery awaiting below.

What have they done to make me loathe them even more?

It turns out some of their members have put up a video where they’ve taken a clip of famous scientist Stephen Hawking and dubbed it over to make it look as if he’s endorsing the EDL and what it stands for.

It’s a truly odious move which smears Hawking’s good name and takes advantage of his condition and the fact he uses an electronic speaking machine.

The EDL group based in Bournemouth who shared the video have rightly been slammed for it and one hopes that Hawking’s lawyers are on the case and about to tear these racist idiots a new one. As of the time of writing the video is still up on the EDL’s Facebook page, which shows that they’re not exactly on the ball.

In any other organization I’d slam the PR gaffe, but with the EDL this is a true representation of what a bunch of disgusting bigots and idiots they are and how beyond the line of basic decency they’ve gone. I hope this story gets blanket coverage and their already bad name is dragged further through the mud.

Story here.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


One Comment on “The line is a dot to the EDL”

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