Prince Valiant

Today’s Everyday Hero isn’t that everyday, it’s third (soon to be fourth) in line for the British throne, Prince Harry.

I’ve got something of a man crush on the dude, and he’s far and away my favourite royal. Dude just seems kinda fun and relaxed, and by all accounts is a pretty charming guy.

Harry and Bolt

Harry and Bolt

But what gets him the hero award today is the story of him helping out a gay dude in his unit while on a training mission in Canada.

The dude, James Wharton, has written a book about his experiences as a gay man in the army, and it’s been serialized in one of the papers.


In it he says that he was threatened and confronted by half a dozen squaddies over being gay and reported it to his commanding officer, the Prince.

Harry jumped out of the tank they were in and confronted the scumbags, telling them to back off and reporting the incident to a senior officer so that Wharton wouldn’t be hassled anymore.

Fair play, to Harry, it sounds like he handled the situation brilliantly and stood up for someone who was being bullied and discriminated against.

One hopes that the six douchebags got in some serious trouble over this, because that kind of prejudice is just unacceptable in any part of society.

Wharton made a tough decision to be open about his sexuality in the military and I’d like to think that events like this are rare, but it’d be interesting to read his book and see what life is like for a guy to be out in the military.

The story has made me like Harry even more. He doesn’t need anybody to buy him drinks, but I’d happily buy the dude a pint.

Story here.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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