Fat Boy on a Diet: The Whitesnake Shirt

There’s a woman I know who’s getting married in a few months time. Like lots of brides she’s trying to lose weight before the big day (personally I think she looks alright anyway, but I think it’s more about how you feel about yourself at the end of the day).

I’ve never fully understood this. I mean, I get that you’d want to look your best on a day when you’re the focus of attention and going to be photographed more than any other time in your life, but why get a dress that’s too small? I mean, if watching Gok Wan, Trinny and Susannah has taught me anything it’s that you should dress for your body type and I’m sure there are wedding dresses that better suit the curvier lady.

bbw bride


But recently I did a similar thing. I brought an item of clothing that is a little too small for me.

I got it at the Whitesnake gig I went to the other week (review here) and think the design is quite cool, the back has the tour dates on:

Whitesnake T 001

I thought it would be a cool shirt to have and just asked the rather foxy merch girl to get me the biggest size they had.

It wasn’t big enough.

Don’t get me wrong it fits, but it’s extremely snug and I’m in no way comfortable wearing something that clings to my belly and mannaries in that way.

And so I’ve set myself a new goal. I will drop weight and get to the stage where I’m comfortable wearing this out. I have a couple of other shirts in a similar situation, but this is going to be my goal.

The weight loss hasn’t been going too well recently. I’ve had a couple of blow outs with booze and treats, and moving home means I’m no longer walking to work (I do have a bicycle stashed away, might be time to sort out cycling to work), and so that’s about 8 miles of walking a week out at least. Similarly, with the bank of Mum and Dad buying the food there’s a more consistent supply of grub on hand, and I’ve been snacking far too much.

I think I’ve put some of the weight back on, and that’s got to change. I have a punch bag which I’m planning to use once I can inflate it (the pump I’ve bought for the job only manages to give 15-20 minute bursts before it needs a couple of hours to recharge) and I’m eating healthier, with more fruit and stuff, but I’m still snacking too much so I need to sort that out.

The running is going alright, which is a plus point- I’m averaging about an hour, and while I’ve lost a bit of pace I’m feeling good at the end, apart from the heat, which is killing me.

I’ve had a weight target in mind for a while, and I think I can reach it, but it’s gonna be quite a slog and I guess I’ve just gotta get my head down, ignore Lazy Chris and Greedy Chris and push myself to run whenever I can, regardless of how I feel and resist the urge to snack.

Stand by for further updates on the Whitesnake shirt quest.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


One Comment on “Fat Boy on a Diet: The Whitesnake Shirt”

  1. […] The idea was that I’d try and lose weight with the view of me being more comfortable in it and be able to wear it outside without being all self conscious and belly flashing. […]

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