Sometimes it’s easy to forget the good things we have in our lives. I’m a fairly upbeat guy most of the time, or try to be at least, but it’s easy to let the negatives pile up and take things for granted.

This week has been kinda rough. Nothing particularly awful has happened, but I’ve felt myself slipping into a bit of a funk.

Work’s been quite stressful, and due to working a lot of night shifts I’ve been feeling tired, fed up and generally crappy. I’ve got my future sorted and it’s just a couple of months until I go back to uni and start at uni, which should be exciting, interesting and give me a kick up the arse, but despite knowing that the end is in sight it feels like an age away and I’m not looking forward to slogging through until then.

It’s hard to stay motivated in a job where you feel unappreciated and like you’re not really getting the chance to do your job properly, and knowing that I’m leaving soon hasn’t helped. It’s a struggle not to just check out mentally and coast to the end of my time.

Add to this the fact that I’ve moved back home. It’s actually going quite well and living with my parents isn’t that bad, a few minor niggles aside we get on well most of the time, and I know it’s a sensible move, but at the same time it still feels like a retreat.

Also, there’s the fact that I know I have 3-4 solid months of work and then it’s straight into my uni course, and I was hoping to have a break between the two and maybe even go away but money is stopping that. I could still take time off work, but I’d probably just spend it curled up on the sofa.

The work situation and the tiredness has also meant all the other things that bother me or aren’t the way I like have been coming into my head more and more- the fact I’m still single and that this situation is unlikely to change. The fact that I’m struggling with my weight  again, I think I’ve put a bit back on and due to all the night shifts the running is a struggle at times.

My fears regarding the course are also there lurking in the shadows.

It’s been a rough week, but thankfully I had today to show me that it’s not all bad. I visited my big sis and her husband today as we were having a family meal to celebrate their anniversary. It was a sunny day, and despite only having had about 4 hours sleep I was in a good mood, a few ciders and some chatting with my family helped me unwind.

It wasn’t anything special, just a relaxing day with the sun shining outside and good company, but it showed me how lucky I am in lots of way. I have a family I love and who support me, and a buddy invited me to a barbecue tomorrow, so I’m aware that I’ve got great mates too. I didn’t worry about the future or where I am in my life, I just chilled out and enjoyed myself.

I’ve got a couple of days off before I’m due back in work, so I’m hoping to chill out for a couple, relax, run and just have a few stress free days of enjoying myself. I might book some time off for later in the summer, even if all I do with it is doss around and watch TV, I just think sometimes I need time to myself and with the people I care about to remind me that I’ve got a lot to smile about.

Sorry if some of you found this a bit sickly sweet but I’ve got a really happy, feelgood cider glow on at the moment and I feel the best I’ve done in a while.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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