Say what you really mean, Harry

The post match interview tends to be a rather dull affair. It’s usually a raft of cliches and griping, and there’s often a sense that any genuine insight won’t be forthcoming because the players and managers have been warned not to be too controversial or that emotions are still running high.

And so we get lots of hackneyed expressions and boring, non-controversial statements (see Arsene Wenger’s “I didn’t see it” approach) but every now and then you get a manager or player who delivers something different.

Ex-Blackpool manager Ian Holloway was especially good at delivering funny little one-liners and bizarre analogies, all of which seemed even funnier due to his rather charming Britolian accent.

Ian Holloway, good for a quote.

Ian Holloway, good for a quote.

And Gordon Strachan, who once responded to a question about whether one of his players should be in the England squad with “I don’t care, I’m Scottish”.

This weekend, as the Premier League season drew to a close the already relegated QPR lost to Newcastle. After the match the BBC interviewed QPR’s manager Harry Redknapp, one of the league’s most experienced managers and a bloke I’ve got a lot of time for, as he seems like a decent no-nonsense kinda guy.

Managing QPR probably isn't the most fun job.

Managing QPR probably isn’t the most fun job.

What he delivered was one of the best post-game interviews I’ve seen in a long time, with ‘Arry looking like a broken man who was taking no prisoners and using the interview to serve notice to half his squad by stating plainly that the club’s lacklustre performance this season was not down to lack of effort but rather a lack of quality, stating that the team he has will struggle to finish in the top half of the Championship next season. 

All very harsh on his players, but at the same time at least it’s refreshing for a manager to stand up and not avoid hiding behind the traditional “bad luck” excuses. 

You can see the interview here, and the damning criticism starts off at about 2 min 30 seconds  in.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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