Mother of Mercy this is a bad idea

On the other side of the pond Americans are gearing up for Mother’s Day.

This is a bit annoying because on seeing a slew of Mother’s Day articles online I found myself panicking, partly because I hadn’t got the Luckiest Mother In The World anything yet and also because I thought I was cracking up. I’m fairly sure that we’d already had this holiday this year.

It turns out the Yanks celebrate theirs at a different time. Here in the UK the date fluctuates but it’s connected to a Christian tradition and the real name is Mothering Sunday (something that LMITW, a strong Christian always gets slightly irked by in the run-up), whereas in the US it seems to be later, and was just made up by a woman in 1914 as tribute to her dead mother, but was then taken over and turned into the commercialized guilt fest it appears to be today.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mum. But for my money, and it is, I always feel that Father’s Day is slightly ignored in comparison. There are countless ads where they push the “show your Mum what she means to you” vibe and there’s a general impression that on the other 364 days mothers are one of societies most unappreciated sections. Which is bollocks. I’m sure there are countless twats out there who don’t appreciate their mothers, but as a group, mothers are on pretty solid ground. I just think it’s Dads who are slightly ignored, and this is only partly because one day I might qualify in this group.

Anyway, it’s a goldmine as kids shell out to show that they’re not utter bastards and love the woman who brought them into the world and/or raised them. Florists, chocolate companies, restaurants and greeting card makers probably make a killing. And there are a wealth of special deals for the occasion.

Earlier this year in Manchester I saw a deal whereby anyone over the age of 70 who brought their Mum in on Mother’s Day, sorry, Mothering Sunday, would get a free pint, a deal that they probably wouldn’t lose much on.

Another deal where the company won’t make a big loss comes from America, but will lose out because I can’t imagine anyone wanting to “treat” their mother in this way.

The deal comes courtesy of Hooters, the chain of bars staffed by gorgeous women in a hot pants and vest combination.


I’ve visited the UK’s only branch in Nottingham and while it makes a good match day watering hole where you can get hot wings served to you by flirty, foxy young ladies it’s not somewhere I’d go with my Mum.


Firstly, it doesn’t scream class, and you’re essentially telling your mother that you appreciate her up to the value of $10.

Secondly, it’s going to be an uncomfortable experience as you try and talk to your mother over a plate of wings while fighting the urge to check out the girl in shorts who’s just walked by.

Hooters has it’s place in the world and serves a purpose, in that it’s a rather fun, blokey place to have a couple of pints. It is NOT somewhere to take your mother, especially not on Mother’s Day. Seriously, just dig a little deeper or cook for the lady yourself, and save Hooters for a pre-game drink with your mates.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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