Sheldon Cooper

I quite like the show The Big Bang Theory, I like the geeky jokes and it has some fun cameos in it (Wil Wheaton, Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Katee Sackhoff) and I quite like a few characters.

The Big Bang Theory

I say “like” because while I enjoy it, I do have a few problems with the show. I kinda went off the central relationship when Penny started whinging about Leonard as her boyfriend, especially as he didn’t do anything wrong, and I was kinda rooting for him to ditch her and hook up with Alex, the girl who fancied him.

There are other flaws too, such as the fact that they wasted the gorgeous Sara Rue who was only around for a couple of episodes before her character vanished.


My major the problem is the main character of Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons.

The character is this obsessive compulsive scientist who doesn’t know how to relate to other people. That’s the sympathetic way of describing him.

I think he’s a dick.

He’s selfish, manipulative, demanding and smug as all hell.


To be fair, Parsons does a good job playing the character and has genuine comic skill and timing.

But I loathe the character, and what’s worse is the response to the character. There’s a lot of fan love for the irritating little sod and it drives me nuts. Personally, I think he deserves a slap or at least a bit of comeuppance, here’s a few reasons why:

  1. He’s constantly nasty to engineer Howard for not having a PHD
  2. Not only did he give Leonard spoilers regarding the Harry Potter books but he then gives a spoiler about an episode of The Walking Dead that I haven’t seen yet. The jerk.
  3. He’s horribly selfish and insensitive in his treatment of his girlfriend Amy (who I find really sweet)
  4. His constant nagging and finecky ways grate and he always seems to get his way among his friends
  5. In one episode he blackmails and almost ruins his supposed friend Leonard’s relationship with his girlfriend merely because Leonard’s lawyer girlfriend has used the Roommate Agreement to Leonard’s advantage (this was the point that I turned on the character)
  6. His insulting and condescension to other scientists in the show
  7. The fact he’s pretty sexist, as evidenced in his arguments with Leslie Winkle.

While it might work for the odd gag as the series continues it becomes increasingly annoying. There’s no character development and it’s souring my whole outlook on the show, personally I’d like it if the rest of the group turned on him and he was forced to make some changes. Or at least if Amy dumped him and got with somebody new.

Or a few more episodes where he loses out. These are fast becoming my favourite moments in the show, where one of the characters gets one over on him.

Now, as I mentioned, a lot of people are Sheldon fans, and to respond to the arguments they’d probably trot out- Sheldon does not have some form of condition which excuses his behaviour. As he constantly points out “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested”. Now. what do you think he means when he says “tested”?

And now, arse-covering time- I’m not saying that things like Asperger’s or Autism or whatever else people reckon Sheldon has mean that someone is “crazy”. But don’t you think that Sheldon’s mother, who is shown to be politically incorrect and rather old fashioned might refer to these conditions in that way? Clearly, Sheldon was tested for these or similar and was found to not have them. Ergo, he is just a dick.

So, here’s hoping that Sheldon changes soon or they at least have him come off the worse more often, as I can’t stand the guy. Ideally I’d like the whole show to finish with the rest of the gang bumping off Sheldon like in Murder on the Orient Express and then getting away with it.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


7 Comments on “Sheldon Cooper”

  1. Yunice says:

    I thought the point of this show was that Sheldon will always be the way he is. If he changes, the show is over.

    • chrisebpage says:

      Surely the point of any kind of narrative is character development and evolution. And the major drive for the first series at least was the relationship between the geeks and the pretty girl across the hall, especially the Penny-Leonard angle. Sheldon is a supporting character and comic relief, yes, but as they’ve developed other characters surely he should change. If he doesn’t then he’s just an uninteresting one-note caricature.

  2. Charles Smith says:

    I was reading these and agree with you on basically everythin you pointed out here. I can’t stand his character most of the time. If I new this type of person in real life I would have easily pounded on him several times.
    So while I was reading this, while watching an episode, and saw you mention of “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested”..that came up on the episode like clockwork which made me hat this character even more. But I thought the timing was funny which is why I mentioned it.

    Somehow it seems to be working in favor of the series (which is still awesome) so they must be doing something right. As long as you have several likable characters then a dickhead can fit in to stir things up. Go figure. They are one of the most successful sitcoms of all time.

    • chrisebpage says:

      It is massively popular, even more than I’d thought. And I agree Jim Parsons does have wonderful comic ability and timing.
      Your point about as long as they have other, likable characters makes sense, but while I used to really like Raj, Leonard and Penny, I’ve gone off them a bit due to changes in how they’ve been written, and the only characters I really like now are Amy and Howard.
      That being said it still gets a laugh or at least a smile out of me quite often, so maybe I should let my dislike of Sheldon go.
      Thanks for the well written and interesting feedback.

    • Mislav says:

      Your argument has become invalid as soon as you have admitted that you would have no problem physically assaulting somebody in real life.
      I would rather spend a day with Sheldon than a minute with you.

      • chrisebpage says:

        Firstly, I said that I thought he should get a slap. To clear that up, that a fictional character should get a slap in the context of a show. Do you reject the opinions of anyone who rooted for Harry Potter to take out Voldemort? Or for Bilbo to destroy Sauron? Or who wanted any fictional character to get punished for their wrongdoings?
        If so I suspect you don’t listen to many opinions at all, which is a shame. Debate is a good thing, and I respect that you feel differently about Sheldon than I do.
        Secondly, I shall try to contain my disappointment that you, stranger on the internet, don’t want to spend time with me.
        Personally I’d rather spend an hour getting mediaeval on Sheldon’s ass with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch than read a judgemental comment giving me grief for wishing I’ll on a fictional character.
        Thanks for reading!

  3. Mislav says:

    1. So was Penny, despite the fact that she didn’t even have PhD.
    2. If I remember correctly, it wasn’t intentional and Penny revealed spoilers to Leonard too in that episode.
    3. As far as I can see, most of their arguments are because of lack of physical intimacy in their relationship. When their relationship started out, Amy was exactly like Sheldon. So he wasn’t prepared or aware of any changes that may occur. But he is slowly changing, which is obvious.
    Also, this way we could also argue that Penny is also treating Leonard badly, Bernadette Howard etc. Amy often calls him out on his behaivour and makes him feel consequences over his actions (like in the episode where he worked in her lab). Also, although he doesn’t have Aspenger’s, which I agree, he does have a fear of germs etc., making physical intimacy difficult for him.
    5. Leonard used holes in Relationship Agreement not only to fight for his rightfans, to intentionally do something that Sheldon didn’t like in order to annoy him (such as ordering Greek food despite the fact he hated it too but not as much as Sheldon), and when new Relationship Agreement was made, he didn’t want to sign it. Also, the only reason why the threat had any revelance was because Priya refused to let their parents know that she is dating non-Indian man. Even if Sheldon didn’t send that email (which, in the end, he didn’t) her parents would either find out eventually or they would break up eventually. In my opinion he did the least wrong in that episode.
    Also, Leonard decided to sign the Relationship Agreement when he first moved in. He chose to stay living with Sheldon all these years.
    7. He isn’t sexist, at least not intentionally, he just lacks social skills so he tries to explain people’s behaivours in a physical, scientific way. When Penny was annoyed by him, he thought that she had her period; when Leonard was in a bad mood in that one episode, he thought that was due to sexual frustration. That would also explain why he thinks that the hot bevarage will sure cheer someone up. Also, Howard and Raj also had their share of (unintentional) sexist moments.
    In the end, I think that some of the Sheldon’s actions are wrong and can’t be excused but I do not understand your hatred toward the character since many characters showed similar or even worse characteristics and the fact that Sheldon often gets called out on bad thighs he does (unlike Penny, for example) and he does feel consequences over his actions (such as getting his North Pole research messed up, Howard making him do a these embarassing chores as punishment for making fun of his lack of PhD, Amy making him realize that her job is not as easy as he thought). He isn’t a jerk, he is a jerk at times, like any other character on the show. And, frankly, your comment about murdering him is just disturbing and proves that you are even worse than him.
    He also did many good things on the show, such as saving Leonard’s life (!), borrowing Penny money, driving Penny to hospital, asking Penny not to hurt his friend after finding out that she is planning to break up with him, comforting Howard after Emily made fun of him, and so, which you seemed to convenietly forget.
    In the end, you seem to do the same thing Shenny shippers do when they bash Leonard-take character’s flaws, blow them out of proportion, and present your unhealthy hate on the character that way, completely ignoring significant circumstances and good things that the character did.
    For the record, I am Sheldon fan, but he is not my favorite character. My favorite character is Howard, while Sheldon and Leonard share the second place. Sheldon/Leonard friendship is the core of the canon, not the Leonard/Penny relationship.

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