I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly

When I was at uni, one of the nights out featured baby oil wrestling. The matches were between volunteer students and was to raise money for charity. A mate of mine entered one of the matches and everyone had a fine old time watching what was a bizarre mix of slapstick farce and oddly sexy grappling.

Baby oil wrestling, and it’s cousins mud and jelly wrestling, is probably quite popular and a big draw (a quick search reveals that jelly wrestling nights have been held at lesbian bars in the States) and apparently in Cambridge it’s an annual tradition for there to be a jelly wrestling match at the garden party hosted by the all-male drinking club the Wyverns.

Apparently every year they have this big party and one of the main events is a one-on-one bout between two bikini clad female students, with a cash prize for the victor.


This year, however, there have been calls for it to be banned with a petition starting up. The student responsible for establishing the petition has stated that the event is “sexist, misogynistic and completely inappropriate as entertainment for 2013”.

Here’s the thing. I wouldn’t sign the petition.

The club who host the event is male only, but the party has a mix of male and female revelers, and quite honestly it just sounds like a bit of fun. I know that’s the usual warcry of the sexist when challenged, but I do feel sometimes that a bit of common sense should come into play and this seems like a rather frivolous event to target.

I can see why some people might object to it, but personally I can’t see the problem. Yes, you could argue that there’s a bit of a pervy vibe to proceedings, but I’ll be honest with you, when you’re dealing with a bunch of drunken lads many of whom will have attended all boys’ schools, perviness is going to creep into any activity they choose to have. I was a drunken university student, and we were a horny bunch.

I’m sure some will argue that this is just a indicator of the sexist, male-driven environment at universities and especially the older ones. And they may have a point.

But surely the answer is to set up female equivalents- all female drinking clubs with male jelly wrestlers, perhaps.

I can’t condemn the event or criticize the students involved because I’d be a hypocrite, if I was a student there I’d have wanted to attend the event. And anything else would be a lie.

At the end of the day, from what I can gather, the event is fairly light hearted, with all having a fun towards the end of the university year and the young ladies being able to win a cash prize, which I’d imagine is probably not to be sniffed at. The girls who take part know what they’re getting themselves into and I’ve always thought mud wrestling and similar activities must be fun, after all, a mud wrestling ring is part of my dream house design. So, if any female groups at universities are looking for jelly wrestlers, you know where I am, although I might stall until I’m in better fighting shape.

By the way, I realize that this opinion might be unpopular and appreciate that many will disagree, and feel free to do so below. But let’s all keep it polite and clean, yeah? Like a good jelly wrestling match.

Story here.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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