Man Crush List Part 4

Nathan Fillion

Fillion has been involved in 3 of my favourite shows of all time- he briefly appeared as a charming villain in Buffy, and then took the lead in Joss Whedon’s phenomenal space western Firefly and now plays the lead in crime show Castle. Throw in Firefly‘s film spin off Serenity and goofy horror comedy Slither, as well as Whedon’s online series Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and his career is pretty impressive.

Specializing in playing charismatic, roguish types, usually with a softer centre he’s shown great comic timing and likability. Seems pretty cool in real life too and love his enthusiasm for Firefly and it’s fans. Also, he really is ruggedly handsome.

MC fillion

Man Crush Moment: Every gorram second he’s on screen as Mal in Firefly.

Johnny Depp

A string of great movies proves he’s got serious acting chops, ridiculously good looking and seems quite a cool, unique guy who doesn’t seem to like the fame side of his career. Seems to have a good sense of humour and perspective on things.

MC depp

MCM: Jack Sparrow’s entrance, riding the mast of his ship in and impressive, heroic pose before the reveal of his dire straits. Perfectly capturing the character’s swaggering confidence regardless of his circumstances.

David Beckham

A talented footballer and one of a small number of England internationals who don’t seem to be d**kheads, seems like a genuinely nice bloke and dedicated family man. Also looks good when he’s selling pants.

MC beckham

MCM: His early “Spice Boy” period at Manchester United.

Tom Selleck

Viewing Magnum PI as an impressionable teen has clearly had a lasting effect on me (I still think mustaches and Hawaiian shirts are cool) and Selleck was awesome in that show. He also starred in heartwarming 80s feelgood movie Three Men and a Baby, as an example of a “new man” embracing his sensitive side and then in Friends he played an older charming, love interest for Monica, adored by the female characters and a hero to the guys, guys just cool as hell, alright?!

MC selleck

MCM: The moment in Three Men and a Baby where he makes his speech and sets up the living arrangement. Melts the heart.

Denzel Washington

That face. That voice. Washington is a superb actor and oozes cool on screen, in a series of enjoyable movies. Brings real gravitas and dignity to his roles, meaning that even when he plays the bad guy you’re kinda rooting for him.

Denzel Washington

MCM: “Now, explain it to me like I’m a four year old”- A powerful and charismatic performance in Philadelphia as the lawyer dealing with his own prejudices in the pursuit of justice. (More thoughts on the film here)

Roger Federer

Utterly dominant in tennis for a few years, and Wimbledon champion on several occasions, I like Federer’s mix of level headed coolness and generally being a suave git. It’s hard not to be impressed by someone who was at the top of their game for so long, and Federer carried himself like a true champion.

MC federer

MCM: Striding out for a Wimbledon final in his suit jacket, making his opponent look like a yob in comparison.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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