Reality is so disappointing

I love detective novels and crime shows. I enjoy watching the detectives cracking the cases using various skills- forensic science (CSI, Bones), powers of deduction (Sherlock) or ability to read people (Castle, The Mentalist), or a mix of them all (NCIS). And slowly piecing together a case against the criminals in order to bring them to justice and foil the plans of criminal masterminds.

Castle- One of my favourite crime shows
Castle- One of my favourite crime shows

I’ve always known that they exaggerate things on shows like this, but it’s still disappointing when reality points out how much better the fiction is. They always get their man, usually quite quickly and justice prevails. Of course, real life is a little murkier and less satisfying.

But the thing that disappoints me the most about the real world are the criminals. Who are far from being masterminds.

That’s not to say I want to live in a world populated by scheming, unpredictable villains like Moriarty or the Joker. But reading how criminals get caught is depressingly mundane.

Take for example the recent news of a gang of thieves being apprehended in London recently.

First of all, the gang didn’t have a gimmick or even a name. Where’s the flair?

I'd even settle for a daft gimmick like Stilt Man
I’d even settle for a daft gimmick like Stilt Man

The gang, despite their lack of imagination, managed to be quite successful for a time- robbing wealthy targets they made off with a mix of high end electronics, jewelry and flash cars. Bringing them a ton of money.

Now, I’m no criminal mastermind, my felonious exploits being limited to stealing a traffic cone while drunk (cliched, I know) and a pic-n-mix sweet when I was about 5, but I know that rule number one as a thief is to keep a low profile and wait for the heat to cool.

But this bunch of muppets were busted after they posted a ton of pictures of themselves with stacks of cash and in the cars they’d pinched.

It was such a staggering display of stupidity that I was surprised they’d managed to even pull off the jobs in the first place.

The police must love social networking sites, because morons like this will incriminate themselves and do most of their job for them. It’s just disappointing to realize you don’t need keen deductive powers or even insight into the criminal mind, you just have to sit in front of a computer and let them boast about their crimes.


Story here.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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