Wake up and smell the coffee, people can be awesome.

Sometimes I love people.

Despite the fact that many of them annoy me, and the news shows how scummy we can be, I still like to think that deep down, most people are decent.

So I really like it when I stumble across a news story that reaffirms this belief in mankind’s basic goodness. This week I heard about something called Suspended Coffee, which warmed the cockles of my heart.

The idea is apparently based on this Italian custom where, out of goodwill and charity, when at a coffee shop you can buy two cups, one to drink yourself and the other being saved to be given to someone in need.

What I love about the idea is the simplicity and anonymity of the good deed. You buy a coffee and then you go about your day, and later on someone else gets to benefit.


I know that it’s a small scale act of kindness, but that doesn’t stop it from being a fabulous idea and helpful. And better a tiny act of kindness than none at all.

aesop quote

I know there are lots of people who are unwilling to give change to the homeless because of fears that they’ll spend it on alcohol or drugs, and for those people they now have a way for donating without worrying of the consequences.

And while it might just be a cup of coffee or tea, it’s helping the less fortunate get something to drink and, also, gives them a chance to get into somewhere warm for a while.

Apparently the idea is spreading and lots of coffee shops are getting aboard, even Starbucks are apparently joining the initiative. Sadly, my caffeine pusher of choice, Costa Coffee, hasn’t joined up yet, but apparently are looking into it. Personally, I can’t see why they shouldn’t they’re getting paid for the coffee, and it’d be good PR for them, so hopefully soon enough I’ll be able to buy my gingerbread latte and leave one for someone else to have later (hmm, I wonder if I’d get Costa Club points for the suspended coffee too?)


Come on, Costa! Get on it!

So, bravo to whoever first had this idea and I hope it continues to spread. Perhaps it could even be extended to other food items too, sandwiches or something.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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