You doughnut!

I might be trying to lose weight and eat less junk at the moment, but I have weaknesses- Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Subway cookies and doughnuts.



Luckily for me, doughnuts are usually sold in multipacks, and while I might have lapses where Greedy Chris (friend and tag team partner of Lazy Chris) seizes control I have enough self control to not wolf down a six pack of jam filled delights.

A man can dream
A man can dream

Yes, the fat man within the slightly less fat man on the outside still lives.

Anyway, this is a long convoluted way of getting around to one of the stupidest news stories I’ve heard in a while.

I know times are tough for many people, and there are unscrupulous types out there who are always looking for ways to get some quick cash. When I was on the dole I did find myself contemplating throwing myself down a flight of steps which had a loose slab at the top to claim compensation, but my morals would not allow me to do so. Okay, that and I’m too much of a wimp to hurt myself deliberately, no matter how big a pay out I might have got.

Anyway, across the pond in the states a couple decided they were going to try and get some money with a compensation scam against a grocery store. The disreputable duo, Carol Lee Leazer Hardman and Michael Condor, purchased a bunch of doughnuts from their local store and took them home, where they inserted razor blades into the snacks, clearly having listened to one too many urban legends.

Now, I’d have thought just going in and saying “What the hell there’s razors in this?!” would probably get you a settlement, but our conniving couple wanted the big bucks, and proceeded to eat some of them, although they deliberately chose small shards.

So far, so stupid. I mean, yes they were committing a crime and taking a needless risk, but the only people at risk were their own greedy, moronic selves.

Until I learnt that as well as getting done for filing a false police report they were also in trouble for aggravated assault because they’d let a co-worker chow down on the shrapnel filled doughnuts. And that’s not cool.

Put yourself at risk in the name of chasing money if you must, but risking the health of someone you know just to make your fraudulent case appear stronger? That’s a whole other level of evil.

Thankfully, their ruse was rumbled and justice appears to have prevailed, and all involved are fine now.

But it’s not a completely happy ending. I really want a doughnut now. The struggle continues.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO

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