Tweet ain’t cheap

This week there were two news stories about people not thinking something through enough and getting themselves into a bit of financial trouble.

First up, is ex-England player and turbo-douche Austin Healey, who tweeted the following (spelling corrected):

Happy to bet a pound with every person in Wales that ENGLAND take the 6 nations next sat…I always knew it would come to this.


Of course, England did not win and Healey found himself being pestered to cough up the 3 million he owed us Welsh folks.


Now, in his defence, Healey responded rather well to the gloating claims for the cash, but his argument for why he wouldn’t be paying up was a little shaky. Healey stated that he’d already withdrawn the bet because he found out Steve Walsh was the ref for the match, and he felt that this meant England were at a disadvantage.

Why? Is Walsh biased against the English?

No, his reason was that Walsh refs with a Southern Hemisphere attitude and some nonsense about how this would mean he’d insist on things being even in the break down or something (I can’t find the actual Healey quote but it was along those lines) so basically, the problem was that the ref would insist on things being balanced and fair. Which seems to imply that England would only win if the ref was less intent on enforcing the rules of the game.

Healey had posted a retraction on twitter after he found that Walsh was going to be officiating, but has said he will pay out to the “300-odd” who took him up on the offer before the second tweet.

Which, is fair enough, but at the same time it makes Healey look even worse. Bad enough that he made the arrogant claim in public, he’s then tried to get out of it and blame the referee for the loss, not the fact that for 80 minutes Wales played them off the park and romped to a convincing win.

Personally, I think Healey’s best bet would be to just donate the 3 mil to Comic Relief or something, or agree that any Welsh person who approaches him before next year’s championship or the end of 2013, will be given a pound, but this is the only way to claim the cash. Yes, it’d hit him in the wallet, but at least he’d have some shred of integrity left. Plus, it’ll teach him not to be so arrogant before a sporting event.

The second person who made a foolhardy and costly error in judgement was the Labour MP for Slough, Fiona MacTaggart, who pledged to give a pound to Comic Relief for every time her message was retweeted before 9PM.


The response was retweeted an impressive 14,268 times and to her credit, MacTaggart paid the cash to the charity, contributing to the £75 million+ that was raised.


MacTaggart made the statement that charity should “hurt a little” and I had a lot of respect for her. Until I found out that her father, who was a Sir, had left her 6.5 million in his will. So maybe it won’t hurt that much after all, but let’s chose to look at the positive. So, well done, Fiona MacTaggart, you’re alright.

So, be careful before you make a bet or a massive “if this happens I’ll…” statement, because you might end up in a bit of trouble. And I speak as someone who said in November of last year that if NASA had launched a mission to Mars within four years that I’d cut off my hand.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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