Book Review: As They Slept by Andy Leeks

This book is based around a rather cool idea. Leeks whinged on his Facebook about the people he saw on his train to work every morning who slept on their commute. He railed against them for wasting their time and listed various things that the commute could be used to do, including right.


And so he rose to the challenge and aimed to write something on every commute. The resulting pieces are collected here in a rather amusing, charming book.

The entries he writes tend to be little rants or observations about other people on trains or society in general, and they show a rather sweet insight into Leeks’ own foibles, beliefs and concerns. There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking here but it’s entertaining enough and the brief, quick entries make it a delightful quick read, well suited to dipping in and out of.

It benefits from Leeks being a rather sweet, likable narrator and he writes with an easy, engaging style. And he does have some nice ideas and opinions about things, a particular favourite of mine was the penny-split ratio, where he explains that depending on the tightness of trousers the amount of change he’s willing to sacrifice changes as the risk of the trousers splitting rises.

Verdict: Based on a great idea this is a lovely, simple book which makes for a good light read and is written in a warm, sweet way that makes it a joy. If nothing else Leeks should be applauded for putting his money where his mouth is and proving that you can do something constructive on your commute. 7/10

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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