Flash AAAH-AAAH!: Politics and Streaking

Like a lot of folks I was sucked in by Nick Clegg’s pre-election patter back in 2010. Compared with the worn out Gordon Brown and smug toff David Cameron, he felt like a good shout for PM. The Liberal Democrats have always been also-rans in British politics, but after the televised debates Clegg was doing well, and the party had a pretty decent showing at the polls and found themselves in a position of power. If they threw in with one of the big two they’d form a coalition government.

Unfortunately, Clegg joined with the Tories, and the last two years have seen him slowly lose all the good feeling and popularity he had in 2010. For my part, the feeling that the Lib Dems had let me down has made me even more disillusioned with politics and I probably won’t vote Lib Dem again. It’s not just Clegg, several other members of the party have been revealed to be incompetent or idiotic, and I’ve rather lost faith in them (this leaves me in a tricky position as to who I’ll vote for in the next election, but I’ll leave that until closer to the date).

One of the things that I think hurt the Lib Dems the most was their stance on tuition fees. Clegg came out strongly and promised that he would not raise fees, but as part of the coalition he oversaw the cap on fees being raised to 9 grand. As deputy PM Clegg couldn’t distance himself from it but did issue an apology. For the promise, not the rise.

This will definitely hurt the Lib Dems who usually do alright with students, but if this comes up around the next election (which it definitely will) it’ll cost them votes.

So, with students facing tougher economic climates they need a champion to spring forth, hero if they will. Well, we’re a little bit short at the moment so a billionaire offering money for streaking will have to do.

Alki David, who founded the social networking site Battlecam (which I’d never heard of) has made the pledge to pay one lucky (and brave) student’s fees if they can streak past the deputy Prime Minister.



If they write the name of his site on their chest, and shout it three times and ensure they get within 10 feet of Clegg.

If more than one person pulls off the streak then it’ll go to a vote to decide who gets the cash. I’m not even going to wonder how you’d decide which streaker was better? You’d think hotness would be a factor, but personally I’d award more points for daring and embarrassment, because let’s face it that’ll show just how much someone needs that cash. In fact, if it goes to a vote, vote for the ugliest streaker who’s on there, because they’re risking more than some attractive would-be student.

It’s a smart move from David, as it’s kind of got a point, but it’s main plus point for him is that it will generate some publicity for his site.

Some might say it’s exploitative, or stupid. Or humiliating for the potential student, but at the same time, with the way that times have changed for students you could say that it’s Clegg who should be embarrassed, as if he encounters a streaker it’ll be a clear reminder and representation of his failure to stick to his election promises and the way he and previous governments have let down the youth of today (especially when you remember that Clegg received free university education and is the child of a wealthy family).

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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