Book Review: Closure, Limited and other Zombie Tales by Max Brooks

Max Brooks wrote one of my all time favourite books, the phenomenal World War Z (review here) and so when I found out that he’d done a collection of short stories about zombies I eagerly downloaded it onto my Kindle.


I was not disappointed.

This collection of four stories sees Brooks continue his obsession with zombies, which he explains the origins of in his introduction, which is rather amusing and gives a nod to zombie legend George A Romero.

Two of the stories are told in the same style as the previous book, in the form of interviews conducted after the zombie apocalypse, and here Brooks shows his ingenuity and vision yet again in managing to add further layers to his global view of the zombie epidemic. He manages to explore new ideas that other writers haven’t touched on before.

One of the ideas, in the title story, addresses how people can find ways to move on after the zombie apocalypse, and it’s a well thought out and realized idea.

The two stories where Brooks tries a different style work very well too. One rather cleverly wrong foots the reader, with Brooks shifting tone and direction halfway through, in a rather effective way.

The other story is a bit of a departure from the more grounded, realistic (yes, I appreciate that’s a weird word to use when describing zombie fiction, but go with it) and introduces a supernatural element which gives the story a unique spin and is, to me anyway, a completely new idea for the zombie genre.

It might not be as epic in scope or as chillingly scary as WWZ, but Brooks crafts a set of extremely entertaining and gripping zombie tales, each showcasing his talent and intelligence as a writer, and further evidence that he has spent far too much thinking about the dead rising.

Verdict: Brooks continues to show his skills as a writer and this quick read is hugely entertaining and chock full of good ideas. A must for anyone who read WWZ and zombie fans in general. 8/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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