Happy, Texas

I love it when you see a video which blows away a negative stereotype you have in your head and restores your faith in mankind.

Like most Brits, I don’t know much about individual US states and so go with vague stereotypes gleaned from movies (I apologize if this offends any Americans from the states mentioned, but I suspect you probably regard us Brits in similarly reductive, stereotypical terms)-

  • California- sunny, filled with beautiful people or violent street gangs
  • New York- just one big city, filled with glamour, intellectuals and mobsters
  • Florida- Sunny, mix of swamps and beaches, party atmosphere, dodgy latino drug runners and cool coppers
  • The South (Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia etc)- peopled with rednecks and racist
  • Nevada- Vegas and a big desert
  • Illinois- Basically just Chicago, which is filled with gangsters and tough cops.

Which brings me to Texas, which I’d always imagined was a bit like the Southern stereotype- old fashioned values and a place it’s not good to be black/gay/non-Christian. Along with this there’s a heightened sense of toughness, swagger and loudness, the traditional Texan image is a loudmouthed, cowboy hat wearing braggart.

The only thing I’ve seen to undercut this is the fictional character Jesse Custer, from the phenomenal Preacher comic books, who’s got the tough, gritty feel and is slightly old fashioned, but is a bit of a rebel.


So, I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across a video made in the Lone Star State.

The video is from a hidden camera show, where they send in a team of actors into a cafe, posing as a gay couple having lunch with their kids. Another actress, playing a waitress then proceeds to serve them and openly and loudly attack them for their sexuality and decision to raise kids.

The idea of the show is to see how people respond in different situations, and whether the real life patrons of the restaurant will defend the couple’s right to eat there and object to the waitress’ bigotry.

The video is striking because quite a few of the Texans object and step in to stand up for this couple, which I found extremely heartwarming. They show some real class, sensitivity and decency in the way they do it, and I found this really inspiring that so many people would refuse to sit idly by.

The only depressing part of the video is the one douche who gives the waitress a thumbs up (although his excuse is hilariously flimsy) and the rather disgusting revelation that in 29 states people are allowed to refuse service on the basis of sexuality, which is quite frankly disgusting

So, well done the people of Texas for standing up for the couples, and I promise to think of you in a much better light from now on.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

One thought on “Happy, Texas

  1. I loved watching this, and some of the other hidden ones they’ve done (like the son coming out to his mother); although I have to admit, there were parts that were awkward to watch. I don’t know if I could have held it together that well…

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