Book Review: It’s Not Me, It’s You! by Jon Richardson

I’m a big fan of Jon Richardson, I’ve seen a bit of his stand up and I think making him a captain on the show 8 Out of 10 Cats was a good idea and has made the show better. He’s incredibly funny and I love his neurotic, awkward man persona.

So, I eagerly checked out his book, which comes with the subtitle; Impossible perfectionist, 27, seeks very, very, very tidy woman. I thought it would be an interesting and amusing insight into his attempts to date, and the way his perfectionism and mild OCD hampers this.


Sadly, the book was a massive disappointment. Richardson’s writing style is alright, but his neurotic, pessimistic and bitter way of judging other people grates quickly.

Richardson has some nice ideas and interesting opinions, but there’s no real insight on show. The major problem is that while it’s fleetingly amusing, the constant stream of negativity smothers all enjoyment. It’s alright to read in bite sized chunks, but any prolonged exposure grated on me.

I’m not against negative or angry writing, but Richardson just isn’t good enough to pull it off. He doesn’t have the gleeful, sarky and dark humour of a Charlie Brooker, and also while Bill Hicks might have been angry about people’s behaviour, it always seemed to come from a humanist place, with Hicks being annoyed at humanity squandering our potential. Richardson just comes across as a socially awkward grouch who’s decided that his decision to withdraw from certain cultural conventions makes him better than those who follow them.

Verdict: Richardson shows the chinks in his comedy persona, but the book is far too negative and neither funny or insightful enough to sustain enjoyment. 4/10.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


2 Comments on “Book Review: It’s Not Me, It’s You! by Jon Richardson”

  1. rimonchai says:

    Hi! I now intend to read the book and get back to you with a responsa blog!

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