News Grab Bag: Scumbags, Charmers and Heroes

Chump of the Week- Colin Brewer

Brewer is a Councillor down in Cornwall, who’s recently written an apology letter for comments he’s made. So, you might think that the time has come to forgive and move on, but it’s hard to find the apology sincere when he’s pretty much been forced to write the letter and the man himself said “I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong”.

Now, while I could go on a rant about our apology culture and how it’s rendered apologies meaningless, especially when the person’s been forced into it, but let’s keep this focused more on the scumbag in question.

Colin Brewer- Chump might be too mild a word
Colin Brewer- Chump might be too mild a word

Brewer was made to apologize because of comments he made regarding the disabled, with Brewer saying (I’m not going to say “allegedly” because an apology is an admission of guilt, so forced or not, he’s owned these statements publicly)-

“disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down”

Which is a reprehensible thing to say in any circumstances. Now, Brewer has tried to say that he was trying to “provoke a response and debate” the issue of funding. Hmm, he may be down in Cornwall, but I can smell the bullshit from here.

He’s refused to stand down, and being an Independent Councillor there’s nobody to put pressure to force him out, but I can only hope that the people in his constituency remember this incident and turf the guy from office. Story here.

Champ of the Week- Michael Garcia

Okay, let’s all rinse the nasty after taste from Brewer with this rather inspiring story from across the pond.

Michael Garcia is a waiter in a Houston restaurant called Laurenzo’s Prime Rib. A family came in with their 5 year old son, Milo, who has Down’s Syndrome. Milo was eating with his family, and chatting away happily, making a bit of noise. A family at the table next to them asked if they could be moved further away and the father of the second family commented: “special needs kids need to be special somewhere else”.

Garcia refused to serve them.

Michael Garcia- hero
Michael Garcia- hero

Dude’s just a waiter, and could have ignored the comment, or just gobbed in their food or something, but he took a stand and actually told them he wouldn’t serve them.

The story went viral and Garcia has become something of a hero, receiving cards, gifts and around a grand in cash. To further cement his standing as a thoroughly nice dude, Garcia is donating the cash to Milo’s school. What a legend, well done that man for standing up for what’s right and not letting someone get away with that kind of bigotry. Michael Garcia, I salute you.

A cover up which is actually a good thing

Usually the words “cover up” in a news story means you’re about to witness some extreme douchebaggery and some skullduggery in trying to keep it quiet, but in this instance it’s a good story.

This dude wanted a tattoo of his late wife, which is rather sweet (even if it breaks one of my tattoo rules) and went to get it done, however, the shop he went to turned out to make a right cock-up of it. After realizing it wasn’t one of those “it looks a mess now, but it’ll be great when it’s finished” things he went to another tattoo parlour, where a kindly tattooist decided to fix it for him, free of charge (a cynic would point out that said tattooist is the one who put the story online and has probably done well off the good publicity, but let’s try and give him the benefit of the doubt). So the cover up saved the day and the final result was pretty damn good:


Royal News Corner

Prince Harry considers his charm offensive in Africa, where he’s even liked by nuns:

Harry- hugging all over the world.
Harry- hugging all over the world.

Meanwhile, the sneaky Johnny Foreigner press snapped pics of our Kate on a beach in a bikini. The regal bump quickly became front page news around the world, apart from here, where the fine gentlemen of the British press agreed not to publish the pictures, and so the British public were protected from the sight of our future ruler growing inside another human being.

Unless you had access to the internet or watched This Morning, which after years of mediocrity is going through a purple patch of courting controversy what with Eamon Holmes accidentally showing a picture of HRBumpness and Phillip Schofield’s “paedo list”.

Personally, I wasn’t that fussed and haven’t been bothered to search them out. I’m not sure why the Royals are so unwilling for pictures to get out, but if they don’t want pictures then they shouldn’t be being snapped from distance.

It just seems a bit pervy to me, and there’s nothing newsworthy in a pregnant woman looking pregnant, I mean, if it came out that Kate was doing a whole Countess Dracula thing and killing and bathing in the blood of virgins, then fair enough, get pictures and expose that, but this isn’t a news story.

Ingrid Pitt in Countess Dracula, a pretty fun Hammer horror movie
Ingrid Pitt in Countess Dracula, a pretty fun Hammer horror movie

I just think they could kind of save themselves the hassle if they’d just done a photoshoot themselves, and cut out the need for any paparazzo to try and sneak a peek.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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