A rant about kids, parents and airplanes.

Earlier this week I saw a news story about how some airline was planning to introduce a quiet zone on it’s flights. Further research shows that it’s Air Asia X and that the area will consist of 67 seats for those who don’t want to be disturbed by loud children.

Now, I’ve been lucky in my travel experiences, aside from the Magnus incident on the way to Edinburgh last year I’ve never had to deal with annoying kids on flights. However, I can well imagine that a crying or whining child would be a massive trial on a plane given that it’s a major drag everywhere else.

The adults-only quiet area will be separated from the kids and so a far more peaceful experience.

However, I’m not behind the idea, and here’s why. To enjoy you’ve got to shell out 15 Australian dollars, which is just under a tenner here. Now, some people might think that this is fair enough and be willing to hand over the extra cash just to have a more pleasant flight, but for me that’s not right. I mean, you’ve paid for your flight and then you’re being asked to pay extra just to get away from someone else’s kid. Its like a protection racket.


Why not make that tiny section of the plane the kids zone. You don’t hike up the price at all, you just stick all the kids in one area and leave everyone else to their peace. Yes, I appreciate that business-wise that’s not the best decision, but it’d be the decent thing to do.

Why should you have to pay out a tenner more just so you don’t have to listen to whining brats?

I’m not going to say that small kids should be banned from planes, but maybe parents should exercise some common sense. If your kid struggles to go more than an hour without screeching their head off or has trouble sitting still for extended periods of time, maybe you should delay that trip to Disneyland until they’re a little bit bigger and mature? Why not have a holiday closer to home? Sure, you might not get the sun you get in Spain, but you’ll be doing the nice thing for everyone.

If your kid is well behaved and a pleasure on long journeys, then go ahead, but just take a good look at your progeny and if they are the kind of kid who’s going to be a pint-sized douche for the entire trip maybe cater your plans around that?

See this little dude seems well behaved, he can come on the flight.
See this little dude seems well behaved, he can come on the flight.

And before any mothers or fathers get in touch and say “just because we have kids doesn’t mean we should lose out”, yes, you bloody well should. Being a parent is going to involve sacrifices, you know that going in, or if you don’t then you’re an idiot? And am I really the one being selfish for wanting peace and quiet or is it the person who’s bringing along something that’s probably going to disrupt the journey for everyone else on board? The needs of the many and all that.

Also, a UK based holiday is fine for little kids. I mean, older kids might get bored and fed up stuck in Whitby or wherever (incidentally, no disrespect is intended to Whitby, I went there and it’s lovely, I just needed a UK beach place), but little kids are idiots. It’s easy to keep them entertained, find a wildlife park and you’ve got a day sorted, kick a ball about on the beach, get them one of those I Spy books, easy.


If you pay to fly your kid all the way to Spain you’re a mug. Your tot is going to have as much fun messing about at Bournemouth, they don’t even know or care that they’re in Spain, and the novelty of flying will be the same if you hang fire until they can behave themselves a bit more. All you’re doing is increasing their chance of getting sunburn, which will make the return journey even more of a joy.

Parents have the right to make that decision, but if you do take your kid on a flight (or a bus, or a train, or to the cinema) then you’re responsible for ensuring your kid knows how to behave. They might be lord of the manor in your house and the centre of your world, but to everyone else they’re just another person, and it’s your responsibility to try and stop them being an annoying one.

If they do misbehave then don’t get shirty if someone else tuts or sighs or rolls their eyes at your spawn’s antics, because they are in the right. They are using the traditional responses to rudeness, and before you get defensive that someone is tutting your little angel, calm down, they’re tutting at your lack of parenting skills.

Vue cinemas do 18+ screenings, which are kind of a good idea as they mean you can annoy kids, teenagers and go see kids films without looking like a pervert, but at the same time it’s essentially adults having to pay more just so they can avoid the irritating behaviour of others. The innocent are being punished.

When I searched for babies on planes there was a result which suggested the mother who was writing was going on the defensive, and I thought fair enough, argue your point, but if people get pissed off with your kid then that’s fair enough. Your kid has a right to go on a plane, but they have a right to be annoyed when it won’t shut up.

I’m coming across this attitude that the world needs to cater around kids more and more, and while allowances should be made to make things easier, some parents are pushing it. They need to realize that just because their kid is wonderful to them doesn’t mean everyone else has to go out of their way to make it’s life easier. That’s not how the world works, your kid is not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

Anyway, the whole thing reminded me of a Bill Hicks quote, so here’s a clip of it. Apologies for the Greek subtitles, unless you’re Greek, in which case, you’re welcome.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

One thought on “A rant about kids, parents and airplanes.

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