So far my resolutions for this year are not going too well. A few I’m not that worried about as it’s early days, but number one on the list,  to lose weight and keep going with the healthy living stuff, has not gone so well.

Since Christmas my jogging has really fallen away, and while I can probably get an excuse for about a week due to the weather, but the rest is all down to me.

I’ve been working night shifts almost exclusively and so I’ve spent most of the month in some state of tiredness, and some days a run hasn’t been able to be fitted in, but on the other days Lazy Chris has taken the reins and I’ve spent my days doing quizzes on Sporcle and watching tons of 30 Rock.

"Off to watch some 30 Rock and eat some cookies"

“Off to watch some 30 Rock and eat some cookies”

The problem with this is that by not exercising and staying in all day I’ve made myself even more tired, but in that tired way you get when you stay in all day. It’s a kind of tired that leaves you a little fed up and disgruntled, without having gained anything from the day.

This meant that by the middle of the month I was in a bit of a funk, and to complete the vicious circle the funk ensured that I was even less motivated to drag my fat arse outside for a run.

In all of January I managed 2 runs. That’s one run every 15.5 days which is frankly embarrassing. My work rota for February looks a little bit more balanced between days and nights and I’m hoping I can get back to averaging a run every other day again, and that the weather improves a bit.

Today’s run was okay, I only did 45 minutes because I was kind of scared about how much I might have slid backwards, and while it took me a while to get into my rhythm, but it went fairly well. It wasn’t the easiest run I’ve ever done, and I could feel the effect Lazy and Greedy Chris have had, but I’m confident that I can get back to doing hour runs starting this weekend, and I’m determined that this will be my last lapse.


Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


2 Comments on “Rerun”

  1. miriam says:

    it’s not the falling down that defines you, it’s the getting back up again 😉

  2. […] haven’t written about running for a while (in fact this was the last post on the topic), this has been for a couple of reasons- I had a bit of a wobble in […]

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