Man Crush List Part 3

Brad Pitt

More than just another pretty boy pin up, Pitt is a sensationally talented actor and has made several movies that I’ve really loved. He also comes across as just being a rather cool, easy going kind of cat off screen. Dude’s pulled Angelina Jolie and is mates with George Clooney, placing him firmly in the list of people you wish you were.


MCM: As the swaggering and unhinged Tyler Durden in Fight Club, delivering his lines with crackling intensity and coolness, while also boasting a pretty fine bod.

Russell Brand

One of my favourite stand up comedians thanks to his blend of his dandy-ish manner coupled with quite clever musings resulting in at times excruciatingly honest glimpses into his way of thinking. I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m a big fan of his and find him engaging, witty and charming. Underneath the showmanship flourishes he’s clearly a fairly normal, if slightly damaged bloke and part of me just wants to give him a hug.


MCM: I think his routine at the Secret Policeman’s Ball is where I started to warm to the guy.

Seeley Booth

The FBI agent, played by David Boreanaz in the crime show Bones, is a total legend. Playing the more emotional, human side of the central duo, Booth overcomes his daft first name to be a really engaging character. Funny, tough and highly noble. He might be cranky and hard on the “squints” but it’s his warmth and relaxed manner that makes his partnership with cold and detached Brennan (Emily Deschanel) so entertaining and means that the show works even after the will-they-won’t-they is over.


MCM: Probably when he sweeps in to save the day, usually with a quip ready to go.

Stephen Fry

He’s funny, clever and extremely charming. He may not be able to rival the other dudes on this list in the looks department, but he’s on my fantasy dinner party guest list and something of a personal hero.


MCM: Tough one to pick, probably as the host of Qi.

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock

The Rock’s time as one of the WWE’s top guys fell during my haitus from following wrestling, but coming back to it as an adult I really dug his anti-heroic character and natural, crowd pleasing charisma. Johnson managed to transfer this into his film work, something other wrestlers have struggled to do (Sorry, Hulkster). He may not have had much to do in his first effort The Mummy Returns, he’s since developed quite a good run on the big screen. He’s a likable on-screen presence and has made quite a few fun flicks.

And he usually comes across as a funny, relaxed guy who just happens to be built like the proverbial outhouse. Despite playing one of the antagonists in Fast 5, it was him I was rooting for, and kinda looking forward to him putting more boot to asses in Fast 6.

The Rock celebrating Halloween

The Rock celebrating Halloween

MCM: His hilarious, cocky promos while at WWE. Dude was great in the ring and one of the best guys on the mic.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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