Stay on target!

Today I did some quick shopping for food and stuff and while at the Co-Op I witnessed one of my least favourite types of queue people:


Here’s how queuing works- You get what you need, join the back of the line and wait until you get to the front.

Simple, right?

But drifters get it wrong. Now, they’re not as bad as your queue cheats, the people who try to sneak in front of you (or as they’re more normally known foreigners, seriously, I’m not a xenophobic man but in my experience nobody’s really got the knack of queing if the primary language isn’t English- Yanks, Aussies and Kiwis can all queue, as can Canadians, although I’ve yet to meed anyone from French Canada so they may have adopted the French system of being rude) but drifters are infuriating.

Drifters will join the queue despite not having finished shopping, and so while you queue they will leave their basket/trolley in the line and dash off to grab something they’ve forgotten. The lady today did it about 4 times, I think if you’re that forgetful you might need to make a doctor’s appointment, and write it in permanent marker on your arm.

I mean, I’ve forgotten stuff before or something’s caught my eye but my rule is, if you can’t reach it from the queue you either quit the line or live without it. It’s annoying, but you’re in the queue because you’re supposed to have finished shopping before everyone else. If you’re running around the aisles then you’re not ready for the queuing portion of your trip.

Worst of all, she was right at the front of the queue meaning that at one point the overwhelmed checkout lady was confronted with a full basket and no customer. Had she stepped out of the queue the dude in front of me who was buying a paper and a drink could’ve got out a lot sooner, but instead he had to delay while the forgetful woman did half a shop.

It really bugged me, but I think that might partly because I haven’t had a decent sleep in about a week and I’ve become a bit more angry in the last few days, but still, exercise some basic queuing etiquette woman, what are you? Greek? (The worst queuers from my experience)

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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