2013 Resolutions

First of all a big Happy New Year to all reading this and hope that 2013 turns out to be a good year for you. Like lots of folks I start the new year looking forward hopefully and here are a list of my resolutions for the next 12 months, things I’m going to try and work on in my neverending quest to become a better person. I’m chucking them on here so that there’s a record of them and you can keep track of how I’m doing throughout the year.

1. Lose more weight and keep going with the healthy living stuff

I lost a fair amount of weight in 2012 and kept up with my running for most of the year, but I definitely have quite a way to go and need to finally vanquish Lazy Chris for good. The Christmas period has been kinda rough with the overindulgence and a break from running, but I’m hoping the gap won’t have robbed me of too much stamina and that I can quickly get back to running regularly again, eating more sensibly and get the weight shifted.

2. Do a 10k

I did a 3 mile run last year and felt pretty good afterwards, both physically and mentally. Having managed to get regularly to the 8.75 km mark the next logical step is to get into training for a 10k. I think there’s one fairly nearby in a few months, so I best get cracking.

3. Travel More

Aside from Edinburgh and Dublin last year was a bit of a bust on the traveling front, so this year I’d like to get a few more trips down and maybe even get a few new countries ticked off my list. Plans are already afoot for at least one expedition.

4. Be more outgoing

See my friends more, try and make some new ones and generally try and be more confident and put myself out there a bit more.

5. Try new things

Stretch myself a little bit more, learn some new stuff and get a few experiences.

6. Learn to drive

Would be useful for work and some changes that are coming, and it’s about damn time really.

7. Learn to ride a bike

Have a second hand bike stashed at my Mum’s that I should probably learn to use and would be quite good for getting about the place. Also, being 27 and not being able to ride a bike is kind of embarrassing.

8. Learn to cook

I can get by and make a few basics, but I’d quite like to pick up a few new recipes. It would also make things a bit easier to ensure I eat healthier.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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