Favourite TV Shows of 2012

It’s that time of year again, where folks like me start compiling end of year lists. Got a few of these to come, but let’s kick it off with my 10 favourite TV shows.

The criteria are simple- they have to have been shown on UK TV during the year, repeats not included. And this list is actually in order, so let’s start:

10. 2 Broke Girls

Yes, it relies on some lazy stereotyping and some of the gags are pretty obvious, but I think the two leads have some great comic timing and chemistry with each other and sometimes I just like raunchy, crude humour. Also, it’s got Kat Dennings in it, and for me that means it can get away with a lot before I give up on it.


9. The Big Bang Theory

I used to love this show and it still gets a few laughs, but getting a little bit tired of it and a few things are really getting on my nerves about it:

  1. Penny whinging about Leonard as a boyfriend. If they break them up again I hope they have the decency to make it for good and give him a decent love interest. Maybe bring Sara Rue back.
  2. Sheldon is just painfully irritating and needs to get his comeuppance. Soon.
  3. The writing for Raj as being this camp metrosexual is getting lazy, either rein it in or do something new with it.

8. Doctor Who

It’s taken me a while to come around, but really got into this and thought the way they wrote Rory and Amy out was amazing. Not sure how I’ll like the show with them gone as they were my favourite part of it, especially as I don’t like the Doctor much.

7. Russell Howard’s Good News

Russell Howard continues to host amusing weekly roundups of the news which have me crying with laughter before he does his “It’s not all doom and gloom” section which highlights some of the feel good stories and usually results in me getting all choked up.

6. Scandal

Fantastically written conspiracy drama where the glorious dialogue flies back and forth at breakneck speed. Originally feared that Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) was being portrayed as too perfect and self assured, but as the series goes on and the cracks started to show she became far more endearing and also, in a weird way, even more badass.

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope

Keeps you guessing and gripped every week.

5. Arrow

DC’s Green Arrow gets a reworking for television. It pleases the geeks by having nods to the comic books, but I quite like the story of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) hunting down the elite who have profited from the city’s decline and engineered it, having been made aware of it by his dying father. Donning a hood and  bow he starts offing those who are on the list and redistributing their ill gotten gains to good causes.


The revenge idea is quite a nice spin and makes him a little less clean cut in his heroism, although I like the fact that he has his right hand man to kind of keep him on the right path, Alfred style. And they handle his struggles to readjust to life at home quite well. The fight scenes are well done and it’s hugely entertaining.

4. Fresh Meat

I wasn’t sold on the first series, but the second run really found it’s rhythm. It’s full of really funny bad taste one liners but the characters have become more rounded and there are some nice subtle touches. The cast is great across the board too, and manage to engender real warmth and empathy for the characters.

3. Suburgatory

Really fun show about Tessa (Jane Levy), a slightly pretentious New York teenager forced to move to the suburbs and deal with the shallow and slightly surreal world she finds. The main character of Tessa’s delusional view of her own intelligence and classiness is quite nice and the supporting cast do well, but the biggest draw for me is the extremely sweet will-they-or-won’t-they story between her father, George (Jeremy Sisto) and lovably dim neighbour Dallas (Cheryl Hines).


Also, it meant Alicia Silverstone returned to our screens, and I’ve long been a fan of hers.

2. New Girl

I started watching this for Zooey Deschanel, but stuck around because it’s a really funny, freewheeling kind of show. Deschanel in really sweet and funny as Jess this kind of quirky, naive school teacher who moves in with a bunch of guys, but the show stops her quirkiness from ruining the show by having the three dudes being really funny and cynical while also being really weird themselves. The character of Winston (Lamorne Morris) is my favourite, but douchey poser Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is probably the biggest scene stealer.


1. Castle

When I first watched this it was like my methadone to help me deal with the gap between series of Bones I actually really got into this, the characters are pretty well done, the crimes are interesting and Nathan Fillion continues his impressive streak of being awesome in everything I’ve seen him in.

Nathan Fillion as Rick Castle- he really is ruggedly handsome, isn't he?

Nathan Fillion as Rick Castle- he really is ruggedly handsome, isn’t he?

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


3 Comments on “Favourite TV Shows of 2012”

  1. I enjoy many of the TV shows on your list. 2012 was an entertaining year.

    – K,

  2. […] On a lighter note, it was also a brilliant year for movies and TV. […]

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