News Grab Bag: Bones, Boobs and Barack

And journalists can finally use “Boner” in their headlines

I hate to continue stereotypes but when I was a kid whenever you heard a bizarre story you could usually be fairly certain that it would have come from the States or Japan, but in recent years the rest of the world has started catching up in terms of weirdos. And now when I hear weird stories that are a little twisted or macabre my first guess is usually the Scandinavian countries or Germany.

This particularly bizarre story comes from Sweden, where a 37 year old women has been convicted of “disturbing the peace of the dead” by using human bones as sex toys. This is all sort of creepy and like a twisted X-rated version of the Addams family or something.

Seriously, from their dark, bleak novels, death metal cults and stories like to this I’m starting to think that something is very rotten in the states North of Denmark.


This is her idea of porn

This is her idea of porn

Barack Strikes Back!

Barack Obama, the world’s coolest politician has just been chosen as Time magazine’s “Person of the Year”. I may not agree with all of his policies, and definitely have an issue with the drone policy in Pakistan, but on the whole I’m for Obama, and extremely pleased and relieved that the American people re-elected him this year.

Barack Obama

But aside from being one of the most charismatic of politicians around, he also seems to be a fairly decent guy, and he carries himself with a lot of dignity through what are some trying times to be leader of the free world.

I’ve got a lot of respect for him especially regarding his outlook on healthcare and gun control, which he’s approaching with a great deal of common sense and which are two issues that from this side of the pond totally baffle people.

First decent driving license picture ever?

To cancel out the earlier weird Swede, here’s a Swedish dude doing something rather cool, 29 year old artist Fredrik Saker’s painted a self portrait and then submitted it as his ID picture for his driving license. The picture is so realistic it’s actually been accepted.


What I really dig is that to fully get it right Saker deliberately chose to draw himself on a bad day to give it the realistic “rough” look you get from passport photos, saying:

“I don’t look good. My face is flushed and I am having a bad hair day…None of my friends ever says, ‘Look at my driving licence, don’t I look good?”

Bad Medicine

A mental health nurse has been struck here in the UK for giving “Nazi salutes” in front of patients to wind them up and also for sending obscene texts to coworkers. Stories like this make me sick. The dude is clearly someone who’s abused the power and trust he has from working with vulnerable people and it disgusts me that someone can have such a lacking of decency. I’m always amazed that people who enter caring professions can be capable of stuff like this, as you’d have thought that these t**ts wouldn’t be attracted to the job, although it might be that the sense of power and control over other people is what draws them in. Sadly, there’s no way of determining a person’s true character before they take a job and its a shame that cases like this get the headlines when the hard work and care provided by the vast majority of nurses is overlooked.

Story here.

Sorry if that got a little serious there, but its something that really annoys me. Let’s get things back on a little more lighthearted note as we turn our focus to cancer:

Call Me Dr Love

A new study at Berkeley University over in the States has revealed that physical pressure can slow the development of cancer. It’s a very technical story but what caught my eye was the Huffington Post headline:

Squeezing Breasts Could Prevent Cancer, Study Suggests

So, I hereby offer an open invitation to the women of South Wales to become their personal cancer stopper and take one for the team by aiding in this new form of treatment.

Two friends help each other stay cancer free

Two friends help each other stay cancer free

One can’t help that suspect that this theory might have weight but may have sprung from being a nerdy scientist’s excuse to get his hands on some heaving bosoms.

Feel Good Inc.

I know this year has been pretty bleak news-wise, but here’s a list from Buzzfeed of 26 heartwarming examples of human decency and coolness. Not going to lie, I got pretty choked up reading this the other day. Must be getting soft in my old age.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


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