An ancient evil awakens

My mental jukebox is a labyrinth of songs, theme tunes and jingles. At random intervals one will spring into the foreground, maybe in its entirety or maybe just a couple of lines or a riff, but they’re always rattling around somewhere in my head, waiting for me to give them a spin in my head.

But, deep within the recesses of my mind lurks a dark corner, a place where all the rubbish gathers. The Daphne & Celestes of the world, the annoying little songs that once heard can never be fully forgotten no matter how hard you try.

They wait there, biding their time until their time until something triggers them and they can force their way right to the front of your thoughts, loitering there on a loop driving you insane.

Take today for example, a dating site member had a name including the phrase “BabyCakes”, and this alone was to transport me into a world of hurt.

Back in 2004 possibly the worst pop song ever recorded was unleashed onto the world. It was “Baby Cakes” by 3 Of A Kind.

3 of a Kind on MTV TRL UK

It was during the height of the UK garage trend and this was it’s nadir. The group which were like a prototype for N-Dubz, managed to come up with one insanely catchy song that catapulted them to the top spot in the charts before they unsurprisingly vanished without a trace.

Even with a video featuring busty fembots, whipped creams and cakes it’s utterly insufferable and the song I loathe more than any other. It has no redeeming features and is just relentlessly vapid and repetitive.

Here’s the video for the song below, but be warned, once heard it can not be unheard.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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