I get no kick from Champagne

Planking was pointless, photobombing can be quite funny and the cinnamon challenge is like uncut schadenfreude.

Internet crazes are odd things, and I’ve largely managed to avoid taking part in them.

One I especially don’t get is “milking” which sounded a lot more fun in my head  but turned out to just be idiots pouring milk over their own head.


Their own heads, its not even like they’re even pranking somebody, they’re just making themselves stink of milk. Idiots.

So a bunch of students up in St Andrews in Scotland did a similar stunt which I guess you could call “Champagning”, as they replaced the dairy goods with the most overrated alcoholic drink in the world.


So, basically it was posh people being idiots, or students doing daft things. Something you’d see online, think “t**t” and go about with your day.

But apparently North of the wall it’s caused a bit of a ding dong and dredged up arguments over St Andrews reputation for elitism and being viewed as a university for the toffs.

A view not helped by the fact that the university counts these 2 in their alumni
A view not helped by the fact that the university counts these 2 in their alumni

The uni, who have been trying to dispel this view were not amused and some of the other students gave these guys grief about it, and they’ve apologized for their offence.

But here’s the thing, while I definitely think that the lads in question were tools I can’t help feeling that there’s been something of an overreaction to it with students complaining about them bringing the name of their uni into disrepute and the fact that their acting like smug posh wankers.

But I will gladly have a world populated by smug posh wankers who go out and blow money on Champagne (which is expensive for something utterly disgusting) and flash their wealth than your David Cameron types who try and pretend they’re a man of a people.

You are who you are. If you don’t like football, just say so. Don’t lie about eating pasties or watching reality TV.

Life is hard enough as it is without hiding who you are, there’s nothing to be ashamed of being upper class, just as there’s nothing to be ashamed of being working class. Don’t cover your background up because when it comes out you’re gonna look even more of a douche.

I’m not saying you’ve got carte blanche to act however you want, there’s personal responsibility and regardless of background you should try to be considerate to others, but these lads weren’t being malicious, just stupid, so I think people should back off a bit, I mean, there are for more things more worthy of outrage.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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