Pickles vs Gherkins

I headed into town today, and decided I’ve got maybe one more trip before I have to call it a day and avoid Swansea because of the festive annoyances (the same 10 songs over and over, too many people, whining kids, the dead eyes of the staff forced to wear Santa hats and put on a happy face). I grabbed a couple of things for myself and scouted about for my last two presents I needed to buy.

I also hit Subway for food.

My addiction
My addiction

I love Subway, it is my go-to for grub in town. It’s relatively healthy, filling and delicious, and the £5 meal deal is awesome.

The thing is, I’ve become such a regular at the one in town that some of the staff have started to recognize me, two in particular, who have both complimented me on my new haircut and chat to me a little. I have a bit of a crush on one of them and the other seems lovely too, and has this quite sexy Scottish accent. The Scot was working today and knew what sandwich I wanted before I said anything (turkey and ham), which made me feel a bit awkward like I’m lame and predictable, but she laughed this off and just said it was because she was awesome and remembers things.

She also called me “lovely” which made me blush and get all flustered. I know it’s nothing and just an expression, but I still come over like a teenage girl who gets smiled at by the class dreamboat. Similar results occur when I’m paid a compliment, called “babe” or even just smiled at if the girl is attractive enough.

Anyway, all this was undercut by the fact that the other staff member today gave me grief over my order. She asked me what salad I wanted so I said “Lettuce, pickles and olives, please.” She then said “Lettuce, gherkins and olives”, with this weird emphasis on gherkins as if she was correcting me for saying the wrong thing, its a tone I’ve heard from my Mum whenever I use an Americanism she disapproves of.

I could feel the judgement coming from that word and have spent the rest of my day trying to work out which one of us was right.

Are they called gherkins here in the UK? Or is it a pickle?

Are pickles and gherkins even the same thing?

She clearly knew what I meant, so why bother correcting me?

This just might be the most pointless post I’ve ever written.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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