More Stuff I’ve Learnt Recently

Don’t tell me this blog isn’t educational.

The official name for writer’s cramp is graphospasm.

Following the death of Bon Scott AC/DC approached Slade front man Noddy Holder to become their new singer. I like a bit of Slade’s shouty glam rock but don’t think he’d have worked out and Brian Johnson was definitely the right choice.

The place in the world that eats the most Spam per person is Hawaii. Oddly, this never came up on Magnum P.I.

In the time of Pompeii prostitutes went by nicknames, among those uncovered are:

  • Panta- Everything
  • Culibonia- lovely bum
  • Kallitremia- Super crotch, which is surely one of the great unused band names.

More black people speak Afrikaans than white people- I guess this makes sense but I always associate the language with racist white people.

I may have studied Apartheid for GCSE History, but this is what's informed my view more.
I may have studied Apartheid for GCSE History, but this is what’s informed my view more.

In Scooby Doo Velma’s surname is Dinkley.


Buddy Holly’s vision was so bad (20/800) he couldn’t read the top line of an optician’s chart.

Emma Watson is the most dangerous person on the internet, with 1 in 8 sites reached by searching for her being malicious. It’s even riskier if you add “nude pictures” to your search query. (Proof)

I ran the risk to find this picture.
I ran the risk to find this picture.

The Soft Cell version of “Tainted Love” isn’t the original version and is actually a track from the 60s originally performed by Gloria Jones, and it’s rather funky.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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