I don’t think people really understand how sexism works

Today is International Men’s Day, apparently.

I haven’t received any cards or anything for it, and like a great many other days that have been created I can’t see the point of it, really.

This culture of giving almost everything a day is ridiculous, I mean don’t get me wrong there are some I quite like-

  • Talk like a pirate day- September 19th
  • Cleavage day- March 30th
  • World book day- March 7th next year (although it should be noted books and cleavages are things I feel should be celebrated the entire year round)

But do men really need a set day? Isn’t every day men’s day? Am I right, sisters?!

Anyway, to mark the day the Huffington Post made a little slideshow of quotes about men, and while I found some of them quite amusing, my favourites will be posted at the bottom of this post, a few of them were a little sexist for example:

Show me a woman who doesn’t feel guilty and I’ll show you a man- Erica Jong

I finally figured out that being a male is the same thing, more or less, as having a personality disorder- Carol Shields

And my in my mind the most sexist/dumbest:

Can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lots of happy, fat women- Nicole Hollander

Because, you know, its our penises that cause all human failings and all the socio-economic reasons for crime.

I hate that kind of thinking. The whole “if women ran the world there’d be no wars” argument. It doesn’t hold water. Wars are fought over power, resources, beliefs and politics- and if you were to go back and switch the order of things, I think you’d find that a world run by women would have similar problems and not be the Amazonian utopia a lot of people imagine.

Now, I can’t lie, I thought some of the quotes were rather amusing, and believe me, nobody is more aware of the stupidity and failings of the male gender. Ladies, you might have witnessed moronic masculinity, but I live that.

It just strikes me as a massive double standard, can you imagine the same website running this quote from As Good As It Gets on International Women’s Day:

Receptionist: How do you write women so well?
Melvin: I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.

They’d get murdered.

I wrote about racism yesterday, and how it goes in all directions and here’s the thing. The same is true of sexism.

Women can be just as sexist as men. Witness the Erica Jong quote I’ve posted above, a horrible generalization of the male gender as amoral, remorseless bastards.

Its just as bad seeing young guys forced to follow gender roles as it is when you see it happening to a girl.

I’ve heard countless anti-male comments in my time, from the classic “all men are bastards” line to those statements about how women are smarter, more mature or whatever. Here’s the thing, us dudes are a complicated bunch, alright?

I mean, sure some of us are wankers. Well, if you go by the literal definition, most of us are, but in the figurative sense its just some of us. Any guy can be a douchebag at times, hell, I know I can be, but the same is true for women.

Lumping all men in as cheating, lying, selfish bastards is sexism. Just as surely as it is to lump all women in as motherly, weak victims.

So, while I got a couple of chuckles from the Huff Post piece and its intention as a lighthearted joke, it does still highlight something of a double standard, don’t you think.

Incidentally, my personal favourites was from Robin Williams:

God gave us a penis and a brain, but only enough blood to run one at a time.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

2 thoughts on “I don’t think people really understand how sexism works

  1. I think it is because of sexist quotes like that (and far, far worse) that International Men’s Day was started. To raise awareness that sexism can be directed at men, and the fact that there are those that not only mock men, but seriously call for their extermination.

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