Another thing I’ll never get to do.

Ghostbusters, Die Hard, Zombieland.

What do these three things have in common, other than being awesome movies?

They all feature Twinkies.

Egon uses the snack to illustrate the scale of paranormal activity going on

For those who don’t know Twinkies are these little cake bar thingies which are apparently horribly unhealthy but immensely popular in the USA. As far as I know they’ve never made it across the Atlantic and so most Brits have probably never had one, just like me.

The company that makes them has apparently gone bust and there’s been a fair bit of complaining and I’d imagine semi-ironic mourning of the snacks online.

I’m guessing some cats have been out bulk buying Twinkies like Al Powell.

I personally am a bit gutted, as I really wanted to try things.

To Americans they’re probably something a bit dull or everyday, but you have to remember that as a Brit most of my exposure to American culture has come through movies, and as a result things Americans take for granted have become strangely iconic to me (yellow cabs, White Castle, hockey jerseys etc) and added to a mental “things to do in America” list I have if I ever manage to visit there.

They’ve become a weirdly exotic seeming treat to me, I want to know what they taste like and why Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) was so obsessed with them in Zombieland.


Sadly I’ll never get the chance now.

Although, according to Family Guy aren’t they meant to be so crammed full of sugar and preservatives that they stay edible for years and years? Maybe there’s still hope.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO

2 thoughts on “Another thing I’ll never get to do.

  1. you might try ebay. word is that people went crazy and stockpiled the things, and they are going for a mint on ebay. I myself, though an American, have actually never had a twinky either. I guess I thought I always would get the chance. But they’ve vanished already.

    Word is that what happened was the company was having a bit of a rough patch, asked their workers to take an 8% pay cut (which I can’t imagine would have been that much, really) in order for the company to keep going for a bit longer in hopes that things would turn about. But their Unions wouldn’t allow it, so the company had to fold up and close, putting all their workers out. So while the Union bosses get to be rich, the little guys are now out of a job, putting an already high unemployment rate just a little bit higher, and leaving thousands without a job now.

    1. Thanks for giving me some more info on the situation.
      I can kind of see where the Union was coming from, in that it might set a precedent where their members have to take pay cuts whenever a company is in trouble, but at the same time it does seem a bit ridiculous surely getting paid 8% less is preferable to not having a job at all.

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