Ego and self-pity

So, I’m going through some pages on Tumblr when I stumble across a post that mildly aggravates me, and I was just going to reblog it on there with a snarky comment, but I thought I should probably explain why it annoyed me so much.

Basically someone had put this up:

Now, I get the thinking behind it, even if its daft, but here’s what ground my gears about it.

If you post something like this it shows that you have quite a high opinion of yourself. Its kind of like my problem with people who use that Marilyn Monroe quote. It just shows how highly people think of themselves and how blind to their own faults they can be.

I mean, the implication is that if people looked like their personalities you’d look like Marilyn Monroe or something  because you’re such a lovely person and whatnot.


When clearly, by showing that level of self-satisfaction and ego you’ve kind of revealed the basic truth about every single person in the world. We all have flaws.

If people looked like their personalities then I’d say about 90% of the population would be walking around like this cat, and I’d definitely be in that category:

Sure there’d be a few people who’d be 100% hideous (your truly warped, sick sons of bitches) and maybe even a handful of good looking types, but for the most part an exterior that reflected our inner self would reveal that the vast majority are somewhere in the grey area and have the same inner struggle between our good and bad sides. In fact, if our faces reflected our personality they’d be constantly shifting as the different sides changed which was dominant at that time.

In fact posting the thing says more about how egocentric the poster is, and how great they think they are.

On a similar note, this really annoyed me, just for the sheer “woe is me” whinyness of it all;

Its so flat out annoying, and a blatant attempt to lay a guilt trip on whoever its sent to.

If I’d let someone down and they sent me this I think my response would depend on the severity of my wrongdoing, if I’d done something fairly innocuous they’d get a full force “Cry me a river!” and anything else would receive either a “Get a grip, dude” or more likely a “Yeah, we’re done here”. You just don’t need that kind of self pitying crap in your life.

Apologies for not giving credit to the pages I got these from but I forgot when I saved the pictures to make a note of them, and in all fairness, do you really want to get credit for something I’ve dissed you for?

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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