“Fail” to the bus driver

Sometimes you see a news story that makes you want to bang your head against a wall because of the actions of the people involved.

In Rotherham some people were trying to make their way by bus to Sheffield but their bus was delayed by 20 minutes. Now, as a public transport veteran I’ve seen some farcical planning and plenty of delays, but 20 minutes, that sounds pretty serious.

Did the bus break down? Was there a mix up with drivers? A bomb scare?

It was none of these, instead the passengers fell victim to a sudden and intense outbreak of douchery.

Apparently the bus was switching driver, but when the new driver arrived he refused to board the bus.

This was because of the advert on the side of the vehicle, which was one of the Stonewall campaign’s:

Anyway, this fella, objected to this seemingly on religious grounds, meaning that the poor passengers were stuck there while he argued loudly with his colleagues outside.

I get that some Christians are anti-gay, I don’t see why and I don’t agree with their viewpoint as to me it undermines what I was taught as a kid that JC was all about.

But here’s the thing, driving around on the bus doesn’t mean he’s endorsing homosexuality, it just means he’s doing his damn job. I mean, how many bus drivers do you reckon support this monstrosity that’s emblazoned on their machines:

So, what the advert on the side of your bus is for something you don’t agree with, just get on the bus and do your job.

Aside from the sheer stupidity and bigotry that this man has displayed, what really grinds on me is the sheer selfishness and lack of consideration for others. Dude’s job is to drive the bus to let people get home or wherever else they wanna go, some of those cats might have been on their way to something important, or just heading home after a hard day at work. But they couldn’t do that because they had to sit around waiting while some bigot took a stand and disregarded everybody else around him.

The company that runs the buses in the area, First Group (who are meant to run the buses in my area too) haven’t said if they’re taking any action yet, but personally I think the dude should get fired. I mean, this isn’t a freedom of speech thing, he’s perfectly within his rights to disagree with the poster, hell, he can criticize it if he likes, but at the end of the day, as a Stonewall spokesperson put it:

Passengers in Rotherham can rightly expect bus drivers to do the job they pay them to do – drive buses. If they are unwilling to, perhaps they should look for another job.

I mean, its been a good while since I leafed through the Bible, but I’m fairly sure Jesus wouldn’t have agreed with this dude’s stance. The guy was basically making a bunch of random people pay for something someone else had done, and his whole stance is based in hatred, something that JC was totally against. The guy needs to heed Jesus’ greatest lesson to us:

Story seen on The Huffington Post.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


2 Comments on ““Fail” to the bus driver”

  1. Are you sure the dude was Christian? Islam is even more homophobic than Christianity, he could have been a muslim.

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