Get your own damn snack!: My least favourite advert at the moment

One of my heroes/rolemodels is the writer and TV presenter Charlie Brooker. He’s got this wonderfully sarcastic, angry and embittered way of writing which I find hilarious and essentially gets paid to write about TV shows that annoy him. And he’s married to Konnie Huq. Dude’s living the dream.

The reason I bring him up is because on his show Screenwipe he did this list of “The 10 biggest cocks and she-cocks in advertising”, which you can see here, be warned contains swearing:

It says something that the number one spot on his list, featuring “Mickey” was so annoying that being reminded of it has made me want to punch the smug git all over again. Although, I must disagree with Brooker on his inclusion of Vinnie Jones, who is another of my heroes.

Anyway, I was reminded of this as I watched an advert that features two examples of extreme cockery. The M&Ms advert.

First up, there’s the woman in the advert, her one line:

Hey babe, I could really go for a snack.

I’m sorry, but in what universe is that an acceptable way of asking somebody to get you something to eat? Where the hell are your manners, lady? If it was me I’d have said “You know where the kitchen is” at the very least.

I mean, I know its just an advert and she’s only on screen for a matter of seconds but that woman irritates me no end, couldn’t they have had her say “Hey babe, could you get me a snack, please?”, she’s just a self-centred, impolite cow.

The other cockery comes from the M&Ms themselves, who have been the chocolate’s mascots for years. There’s usually two of them, imaginatively called Red and Yellow, and they’re stupid, loud mouthed douche bags.


In this advert, Red is a complete tool and not even approaching funny, his dialogue is extremely lame “Really? Couldn’t find a bigger bowl, huh?” is not a strong finish to an advert.


The only way I can see them working as an incentive for you to buy their product is if you told the public that if you don’t eat M&Ms they grow into being these two idiots. And that’s sure to make you want to chow down on the rather tasty sweets.

I loathe them so much. They always crop up at the cinema before movies start and they’re in my top 10 most annoying things about cinemas. But that’s a whole other blog.

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.


6 Comments on “Get your own damn snack!: My least favourite advert at the moment”

  1. Learn about subtext! says:

    “I’m sorry, but in what universe is that an acceptable way of asking somebody to get you something to eat?”

    – In the universe where she is hot and he is a pudgy doormat. That’s part of the joke with this ad.

    • chrisebpage says:

      Is that a joke? And is she really that hot? And even if she was an utter stunner would that be an excuse for being rude? Politeness isn’t just for mingers.
      Learn about manners!

      • Angel says:

        Totally agree. Imagine the uproar if the roles were reversed. A lazy man channel surfing says to his female partner “I could really go for a snack” and she heads to the cupboard. I hate this ad.

      • Truth Hurts says:

        Yes it is a joke – that’s the point. The sad thing is that there are pretty women walking all over sadsack doormats all over the world right now. ‘Learn about subtext’ is making a poignant observation about PWGS – Pretty White Girl Syndrome. Whether you like it or not, the rules that apply to everyone else don’t apply to pretty white girls. Grossly unfortunate but true.

  2. naomi says:

    I love this post! That woman annoys me to no end

  3. vanna says:

    Her face at the end of the ad makes me want to reach into my TV and slap her! 😀

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