Pic Post: Re-Imaginings, RDJ and a Redhead

Robert Downey Jr- Coolest man alive

The legend that is RDJ giving a great interview response.

Fast Times at Mos Eisley High

This artist, Denis Medri, did a series of pictures where he re-imagined Star Wars characters as though they were 80s High School characters. Its pretty geeky, but pretty cool, and I love some of the touches like Luke’s skateboard being the same colour as the landspeeder, or how they do Leia’s distinctive “Danish pastries” look.

A few of the pics are pretty awesome and you can see the full set here, but my personal fave is this one which sees Han and Chewie turned into swaggering, mulleted bad boys. I also dig Han’s shirt.

Playing With Your Food

Eat your heart out, Heston Blumenthal

Clobberin’ Time

This made me chuckle.

Hot Picture of the Week

Its been an especially geeky collection, so here’s nerd culture queen Felicia Day, star of Buffy, The Guild and the awesome Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog (seriously, check it out its amazing and features Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion).

Any thoughts? You know what to do. BETEO.

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